Why is ad quality important?

After speaking with our contacts across Facebook’s engineering and ads teams we kept hearing the same message; ad quality matters. Having a “good quality” ad can boost your CTR, relevancy score, lower CPMs and increase conversions; relevancy scores can be especially critical to the success of your ad campaigns.

If your ad or account is disabled by Facebook, you are able to appeal to Facebook. They can review your case and may reinstate your account and/or the content. Please check out Facebook’s Help Center to learn more. Please keep in mind, if your Teespring account has a high number of Facebook ad violations, your account will be disabled.

Contacting Facebook

You can contact Facebook directly regarding your disabled account here or appeal a disabled ad here.

Also, if you see this notice in your Ads Manager you can also appeal directly to Facebook by clicking the “Appeal” button as shown in the image below.