Top 3 ways to promote your products

First things first. The MOST effective promotional content features merch samples. In fact, users who feature real samples in their promotional content normally see a 50% in sales. So before we discuss different types of content, go ahead and order your first sample now. 

As you await your sample to arrive let’s cover different types of content that produce the most sales for Teespring users.  Check out the top three ways to share your products with the world below. 😉 

1) Social media

With 3.5 billion people using social media as of 2019 it’s no surprise that it’s also one of the most popular channels for driving sales. Most platforms are visually based, like Instagram and YouTube, making them perfect for promoting your products. 

@MoriahElizabethOfficial’s fans go wild when she posts a photo wearing her products

When it comes to engaging content you’ll want to feature imagery or videos of yourself (or others) wearing your products. Lifestyle mockups can also be effective for displaying your products in a way that enables shoppers to see themselves using them too. If you’re not able to take lifestyle photos and videos you can use tools like Placeit to create them for you. These types of images tend to perform best when advertising too.

Example of using Instagram stories + Placeit lifestyle mockups to announce a sale in an engaging way

Try using these promotional tactics to create engaging content and increase sales. Check out our in-depth promotional guides for social media and advertising tips in the training center to learn more.

  • Build up hype: Share teaser images of the design, and if you’re ordered a sample definitely share photos and videos wearing it. You can also hint at a your new merch by simply posting “something big is dropping soon” or sharing the launch date. This keeps an air of mystery while building excitement about your new products.
  • Drop at prime time: The best time to announce products is when your audience is engaged. Consider announcing new products on social when most users are logged on, at peak time on Twitter, during live-stream if you’re a YouTuber or Twitch streamer consider, etc. 
  • Make it limited edition: You can make products available for a limited time by setting an end date within the listing’s settings. Remind your audience as the end date nears with regular posts. Keep in mind you can update your listing’s visibility settings if you need to create your merch in advance.
  • Offer a discount: You can make promo codes available for a limited time too. By adding a time limit on your promotion you can create a sense of urgency and drive more sales within a shorter period of time. 


2) Teespring integrations

Teespring offers an extensive list of exclusive integrations designed to help you sell more. Make sure you’re taking advantage of as many integrations as possible to increase your sales.

  • Boosted Network: Teespring’s Boosted Network is a collection of marketplaces and automated promotional tools designed to increase your sales. We’ll automatically add your listings to marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, feature your content in buyer marketing campaigns, plus we’ll help you drive more sales through retargeting ads, search engine marketing (SEM), and more. All you have to do it opt-in and we’ll handle the rest. There are no upfront costs and if you get a sale you’ll earn a specified amount based on the product type sold, for example $4 for a t-shirt and $6 for a hoodie. 
  • YouTube merch shelf: Use the Teespring x YouTube merch shelf integration to sell your merch directly below your videos on YouTube. Enjoy more customization capabilities by choosing the products to display under specific videos. Take advantage of YouTube’s new ‘pin’ feature while live streaming to drive even more sales.
  • Twitch merch store: Teespring x Twitch merch store integration enables you to sell merch and engage with fans using features like built-in OBS and chat alerts. The extension’s fully integrated shopping experience lets viewers purchase your products without ever having to leave your stream. You can also create and sell subscriber-only merch to reward loyal fans and increase subscription rates.
  • Streamlabs: The Teespring x Streamlabs integration allows your followers to create custom alerts whenever they purchase your products on stream. Alerts feature the product they purchased as well as a custom message from the buyer. Once activated personalized merch alerts for Teespring products can be utilized on all platforms integrated with Streamlabs including YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Facebook Gaming and more. Keep in mind personalized merch alerts have proven to increase merch sales during live stream by up to 30%.
  • Discord: The Teespring x Discord integration enables your followers to create and push custom alerts to a Discord channel of your choosing whenever they purchase your products. Alerts feature a link to the product they purchased as well as a custom message from the buyer.
  • Instagram Checkout: In 2019 Teespring and 25 other global brands (Nike, Zara, Dior, etc.) gained access to Instagram Checkout. Instagram Checkout allows shoppers to purchase products without having to leave Instagram, reducing barriers like clicks and load times, and ultimately increasing sales (CTR) for users. Please note, because of the exclusivity of these feature Teespring users are granted access on a case by case basis. 
  • Google Shopping: The Teespring x Google Shopping integration creates a game-changing opportunity for sellers to get their products in front of millions of shoppers. Google Shopping ads can provide Teespring sellers with lower CPCs (cost per conversion) and higher ROI (return on investment). Once activated users can unlock Smart Shopping campaigns to simplify campaign management, optimize campaigns based on specific goals, and extend ad reach to shoppers throughout the Google network. Access to this integration is granted on a case by case basis.
  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a powerful and free reporting tool that provides information regarding website visitors and their behavior. As one of the most comprehensive applications available on the web, it can track site visits, referral traffic, buyer demographic info, and much, much more. This data can provide valuable insight into your target audience and help increase your sales when viewed in conjunction with Teespring Analytics.

3) Email marketing

Email marketing can also be an effective way to drive sales for your products. Teespring offers you the ability to email past customers directly within your account using the messages tool. This built-in feature allows you to group buyers based on the products they’ve ordered and send them custom messages up to three times per week. You can also easily customize your messages by simply adding a listing URL. 

Teespring users prefer utilizing this tool because it typically provides more conversions (purchases) compared to external emailing platforms like Mailchimp. This is because our buyer messages are batched and distributed over several hours to help optimize deliverability and avoid spam boxes. Also, when you use our built-in messaging tool we’ll help make sure you comply with anti-spam laws, which may differ per country. 

  • Share new designs and products: it’s a great idea to share new designs and products with past customers. If you sell to different audiences or niches keep in mind you should only contact people about products related to the design they originally purchased from you. You wouldn’t contact a customer who purchased a “trucker” design about a new “mermaid” design for example, this would create a poor buyer experience and could turn buyers off from future purchases.
  • Thank customers: who doesn’t love a little gratitude? Contacting past buyers and thanking them for their purchase can be a nice gesture, and may lead to future sales.
  • Share promotion codes: we know promo codes can boost sales by up to 60%, so why not thank past buyers by offering a discount on new products.
  • Ask for photos: sharing customers selfies confirms the quality and  can significantly help increase your sales. Learn about the power of social proof and use it to create engaging content in the future. 
  • Source new design ideas: follow up with a message to ask customers asking what they’d like to see next. Sourcing ideas from your existing audience is the perfect way to create successful designs. 

If you don’t have any existing customers to message or you’ve got an external email list (from your channel, blog, website, etc.) you can find more email marketing tips and tools to try in the Teespring Blog.