Teespring Promotions

Creating promotions using promo codes is an incredible way to reward loyal customers, incentivize early purchases, and create excitement around the unique products you create. Offering a discount or “promotion” can help boost your conversion rates by 60% so it’s definitely something Teespring sellers should try! Keep in mind the discounted amount you offer will be deducted from your profit margin of the product. 

How to create a promo code 

1. Go to your Teespring Dashboard and select the “Promotions” section.

2. Create your promo code (“Promo ID”) and select your promotion amount (i.e. free shipping, specific amount such as $5, or a percentage amount like 15%), you can cuztomize your promo code (i.e. FREESHIP, 50OFF, etc.) or use the auto-generate button as shown below. Then set the expiration date for the promo code or leave it as ‘never’ so the promotion is always available. Make sure your discount code’s status is switched to “on”. Keep in mind you can switch “off” a promotion at any time.

Please note:

  • It’s important ALL products within a listing are able to support the discount, even if they’re not added to the shopping cart.
  • If you notice a promo code is not working it’s likely because the product in the cart, or another product from the same listing, does not have enough profit margin
  • You can contact [email protected] if you need to increase your prices to offer the desired discount.

When someone uses your promo code you’ll be able to see it within your listing’s analytics. The discount amount applied to the order will also be visible under ‘Costs’.  


How to use promo codes

There are two ways buyers can use promo codes to redeem the promotion you create.

Enter promo code at checkout

Once the code is created you can contact past buyers or share the code with your online audience. Buyers will be able to enter the promo code at checkout on any of your listings. We recommend using this method if you want to offer a promotion for products within a storefront


Use a promotion URL

You can add the promo code to the end of your listing URL. To create a promotion URL just add “/?pr=” + your promo code. When a buyer clicks a promotion URL they’ll see the discounted amount as a popup on the listing page. This method reduces the amount of clicks and can lead to a higher conversion rate. Please note promotion URLs do not always work with storefronts. The discounted amount will be applied at checkout. Make sure to test your URLs before sharing them with friends, buyers, or in your advertisements.


Display currency depends on your buyer’s location (GBP, USD, EUR)


Let’s look at a 10% off promotion for example

  1. Running a 10% off promotion increases the chance that someone viewing one of your products will buy (the conversion rate) by an average of 60%. This is true for both first-time buyers and returning customers.
  2. A 60% boost in sales means a 60% boost in profit, and that boost in profit easily pays for the discount you’re giving your customers (even if you’re spending money on advertising).
  3. Customers who buy from a promotion tend to be happier, and are more likely to come back and buy again.

All these factors make running a “promotion” a win, win, win; more sales, more profit, and more customers (who are more likely to come back and buy again).

Examples of using promotions to boost sales

Reward your past buyers using the Buyer Message Tool + Promotions

Jesse purchased one of the soccer design you created a few weeks back for $14.99. As a result, he’s added to the “Soccer Fans” audience you created using Teespring’s Buyer Message Tool. Now, you can message Jesse and other buyers of your soccer design with a special discounted link that they can use towards purchasing your new soccer themed designs.

Offer early purchase incentives to new buyers

Stephanie realizes unit sales significantly increase once the first item is sold on her listings. To speed up the initial purchases, she creates a Facebook advertisement featuring a discounted link (i.e. “15% off today only!”); this discount is only available on the first day of the listing being live (to create a sense of urgency).