Teespring’s Pricing Discount

Just starting out with Teespring and want a higher profit margin? You’re in luck! Teespring offers flat pricing, but our Pricing Discount Tiers enable sellers to earn more profit on each item sold. So how does it work? Your pricing discount is applied to products within your listings launched within the month.

  • The start date of a listing determines the discount that is applied
  • The end date of a listing determines which month its sales count towards

We will keep track of your sales over the course of the month in this dashboard so you can track your progress


Your pricing discount is automatically applied

As soon as you hit a new discount tier your pricing discount is automatically triggered. This means any new or relaunched listings within the month have the discount applied.

Your discounted price is visible within the Teespring Launcher for all eligible products


There’s no limit to the discount amount you can reach

You can move up in tiers as fast as you want, and you’ll only drop down one tier per month. For example, you were in the 1,000 – 2,000 tier in June, but in July you sold 400 items—in this case, you would only move down one tier. So in August, you would be in the 500 – 999 tier (not the 100 – 499 tier). On the flip side, in your first month, you can jump from zero sales to the 5,000 – 9,999 tier and receive the $3.40 discount on any listings launched that month. 

Get extra profit margins on listings that have already ended

Let’s say it’s September and you’ve sold less than 100 units. On September 29th you hit 100 units. You will receive a notification in the payouts section of your dashboard congratulating you on hitting the next tier.

Example of tier jump notification in your payouts section

When you launch new listings you will notice that the new discount of $0.40 is now being applied to the base cost of all the products you create. Woohoo! But what about the products you created and sold during the first 29 days of September? Your new $0.40 discount will ALSO be applied to any products sold on new and relaunched listings with a start date in September.

You will receive this bonus in the form of a “Retroactive Payment” which will appear within the payouts section of your dashboard (sent via your default payment method).

Keep in mind you can jump multiple tiers within a month; the highest discount is automatically applied to new/relaunched listings and you will receive the highest discount in your retro payment as well.

NOTE: Retro payments are normally sent within the first five working days of the new month and will look like this within your payouts section…


Extra tips

Pricing discounts can help you get faster payouts

Sellers who consistently rank within discount tiers usually get faster payouts. Learn more here.

All product sales count towards your monthly discount

Even though some of our newest products don’t receive a pricing discount they do count towards your overall monthly sales count and can help you reach the next discount tier. Sales acquired through Teespring’s Boosted Network also count towards your monthly sales. You can learn more about which products can receive a discount here.