Teespring’s Customer Support

Part of the reason why so many sellers love using Teespring is due to our exceptional customer support team; their main objective is to make sure your buyers get the attention and assistance they deserve! If you manage an online community you may get questions from buyers about the status of their order, how to exchange sizes, etc. For this reason it’s important to take advantage of Teespring’s support team to ensure your buyers have a great shopping experience and keep coming back for more of your products.

Tips for assisting your buyers

Teespring sellers should encourage customers to contact customer support directly for assistance. We do not recommend contacting support on behalf of your buyers because this prolongs the resolution process. 

  • Live chat assistance is available for buyers Monday through Friday 9AM-5PM (EST). Chat assistance can be accessed on the Teespring homepage (teespring.com) or the buyer FAQ site. The chat box usually appears after two minutes. 
  • Buyer support emails are responded to within 24 – 48 business hours and any follow-up responses are within 24-48 business hours pending on the issues.
  • Buyers can edit their order before production (i.e. their shipping address, size, etc.). You can direct buyers to their confirmation email where they can find more information on how to update their orders.
  • Customers should contact Teespring’s customer support team directly via their confirmation email for assistance or via [email protected]
  • Buyers can check their order status using this link: https://teespring.com/track
  • If you have potential buyers asking about Teespring’s return policies or guarantee it’s best to direct them our customer policies or encourage them to use this form to contact us.
  • Do not engage with negative customers; try to direct them to customer support to resolve their issue (size exchanges/returns/etc.). Keep in mind our support team will do everything within their power to make sure your buyers are happy!

Let us take care of your buyers! We’re good at it 😉

  • Over 45% of current Teespring shoppers are repeat buyers, a percentage that blows all other industry competitors out of the water!
  • All buyer inquiries are answered within 24 to 48 business hours—our team averages less than 6 hours during business days.
  • The Teespring Customer Support Team consists of over 50 agents that cover every time zone and speak 7 different languages.
  • Over 75% of Teespring buyers in the last 12 months are very likely to recommend Teespring products to a friend or colleague.