Teespring’s Messages Tool

Did you know you can contact buyers through your Teespring account? Buyer Messages are especially useful if you want to publicize new, but similar listings and products that are related to the same niche. To send an email to your past buyers, just click “Messages” in your seller dashboard.

Each of your successful listings can be found here, along with the buyer audience size, the last date you messaged these buyers and your remaining messages for the week (you can send a maximum of three per week). You can also group buyers from related listings/niches for messaging too.  

Benefits of using Teespring Messages to contact buyers:  

  • It provides you with a clean, professional-looking email template.
  • It allows you to easily group buyers (from related niches) for messaging.
  • It provides pre-made templates designed to boost email conversions.
  • It optimizes send out speed to avoid spam boxes.

NOTE: Buyer messages sent through this tool are batched and distributed over several hours. We do this to help your messages avoid being marked as spam in buyer’s email accounts.

When to message buyers

You know the expression “with great power comes great responsibility”? This is one of those moments—you’ve got the chance to contact your customers directly, so be responsible and make it count! We suggest only contacting buyers when you have something worth sharing, this may include situations like:

  • Share new designs and products: it’s a great idea to share new designs you know buyers will love—but it is super important to only contact people about designs related to the design they originally purchased from you. You wouldn’t contact a customer who purchased a “trucker” design about a new “mermaid” design for example, this would create a poor buyer experience and could turn buyers off from future purchases.
  • Thank customers: who doesn’t love a little gratitude? Contacting past buyers and thanking them for their purchase can be a nice gesture, and may lead to future sales.
  • Share promotion codes: we know promotion codes can boost sales by up to 60%, so why not thank past buyers by offering a discount on new products?
  • Ask buyers about design ideas: ask buyers for input on your next design…after all, customers know best!
  • Ask for photos: if you’ve read our tips on what to do once orders are sent out you know how valuable buyer selfies can be! This is a great way to earn extra sales. 


Message best practices

Here are a few quick tips for contacting buyers with Teespring’s Messages tool. Remember you can use our pre-designed  “New Campaign Launch” template or create your own custom message. 

  • Keep it short: don’t add a lot of text, keep your message short and concise.
  • Include visuals: include product mockups whenever possible. Make your images clickable too!
  • Use familiar email subjects: make sure to use a related subject line to the original design buyers purchased (so the same people will be interested). For example if a buyer purchased a mermaid themed design from you, your email subject line could be “New mermaid designs you’re sure to love!” or “NEW: more mermaid designs just for you!”
  • Personalize your messages: you can use message variables to customize emails with each buyer’s name for example (see GIF below). Personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%.