Teespring’s Boosted Network

Teespring has integrated some of the most engaged marketplaces across the web to get your products in front of millions of shoppers around the world. Between Teespring Marketing and Boosted Network sellers can boost their sales like never before!

We take your Teespring products and turn them into optimized listings on a variety of global marketplaces; you get extra sales without extra work.


Boosted Network benefits

The Boosted Network offers an invaluable brand advantage to Teespring sellers—you get all the following multi-platform features in one, central account. The collection of these features can’t be attained through any individual vendor account or through any other platform integration.

End-to-end Integration

You get the total package when you sell with Teespring. We offer full marketplace integration support—Teespring adds your products to the Boosted Network, optimizes your listings, handles order fulfillment, and provides customer service too.

Zero Cost

There is zero risk (no listing fees), zero cost (no promotional effort or investment required), and zero limits to the number of products that can be listed and sold on Teespring’s Boosted Network.

Protected Brand Status

Teespring’s brand has a protected status within each marketplace—adding an invaluable level of defense against hijackers and copycats.

Trusted Ratings

Thousands of positive product reviews push your listings to the top of search results leading to more impressions and sales for your listings. Teespring is the only on-demand platform on Amazon, Wish, and eBay to be listed within the “Top Rated Seller” category.


Boosted Network FAQs

Want to learn more about how you can get your products in front of millions of shoppers around the world? Check out the FAQs below!

Launch Logistics

How can I add my products to the Boosted Network?

What campaigns are eligible for the Boosted Network?

  1. Your design must comply with Boosted Network Design Guidelines.
  2. Your campaign needs to offer one or more rush eligible product(s).
  3. Your campaign’s lifecycle needs to be set to always available or continuous relaunch.

We aim to add all eligible Teespring content to the Boosted Network, but keep in mind designs with a proven sales history (or high conversion rate) are usually prioritized for listing first.

Make sure you’re opted-in to the Boosted Network within your Teespring account settings:

How much profit can I make per sale?

There are no costs associated with selling through the Boosted Network—just profit!  The guaranteed profit structure offers simple, straightforward profit margins for your Boosted Network sales. Below you can see the exact profit you will earn per product type. Keep in mind the same profit is awarded for both EU/US fulfillment.

Who is not eligible for the Boosted Network?

We select campaigns from seller accounts that have the following characteristics:

If you want to sell through the Boosted Network you should avoid account violations.

Is Boosted Network available for both EU and US campaigns?

Yes! In fact, we are especially interested in listing more EU campaigns—specifically designed for UK customers. If you’re not already launching EU campaigns you should start ASAP.

Should I optimize campaigns for Boosted Network?

We will optimize Boosted Network product listings for each marketplace (title, description, keywords, and prices). However, you SHOULD follow our general optimization tips when creating and updating Teespring campaigns—this makes it easier for us to find your products to add to the Boosted Network.

Are my products sold through all available marketplaces?

Not necessarily. We match campaigns with the marketplaces we think they’ll perform the best in—so this could include all marketplaces, several, or just one marketplace per campaign.

Can I opt-out of selling products on Boosted Network?

Yes, you can opt-out of selling on Teespring’s Boosted Network within your account settings. Keep in mind opting-out means you could lose additional product sales and expanded buyer reach for your campaigns.

What marketplaces are included in Teespring’s Boosted Network?

Currently Boosted Network integrations include Amazon, Wish, eBay, and Walmart. We are continuously testing new marketplaces and plan to continue expanding Boosted Network integrations. We will keep the community updated on any new developments.

What if I only want to sell on some of the marketplaces in Teespring’s Boosted Network?

Boosted Network features an “all or nothing” setup. If you opt-in to selling through this integration you will be opted in to all marketplaces.

Monitoring Sales

How do I see profits generated through Boosted Network sales?

Any products sold through Boosted Network will be labeled as such within your campaign analytics. You will also be able to see the profit generated from Boosted Network sales within the “Source of Units” section of each campaign’s analytics. 

Why can’t I see a breakdown of each marketplace’s sales?

We plan to continue growing the list of integrated marketplaces in the future—to make this integration as straightforward as possible, all Boosted Network sales will be grouped within your campaign analytics.

Do Boosted Network sales count towards my monthly pricing discount?

Yes they do count towards your monthly sales count! Just keep in mind products sold through the Boosted Network will not receive the pricing discount.

Design Guidelines

What kind of designs will be added to Boosted Network?

Some of the most popular design themes we’ve seen selling are in line with Teespring’s classic top sellers. We’re talking designs related to family, jobs, hobbies, holidays, etc. These niches are a good place to start when brainstorming new designs for global marketplaces—but take it one step further and create something totally new (ex. new niche combo, new design message, etc.) Check out the Teespring Blog for the latest design tips and Boosted Network trends!

What kind of content will not be added to Boosted Network?

As many of you know, some platforms have stricter content policies than others. For this reason, it’s best to comply with the strictest policies to ensure that your content will work for all marketplaces. If you want to sell more products through Boosted Network in the future you should avoid creating designs similar to the examples below.

But what if I’m already selling “problematic designs” on Teespring?

That’s okay. We know sometimes top selling designs can be the most controversial. Moving forward, if you want more content sold through the Boosted Network, you’ll need to take their content guidelines into consideration when launching new Teespring campaigns. Having past controversial content on Teespring won’t hurt your chances of getting access to future integrations, as long as these designs don’t violate Teespring’s content policies.