Teespring’s Languages Department

The Teespring Languages Department is here to help you conquer international markets by offering quality translations for your designs and listings.  

Translation services on demand

We source numerous languages for translation which include Czech, Danish, Dutch, German, French, Finnish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Norwegian. Translation services are available from Monday to Friday and queries will receive a response within 24 – 48 hours.

Free translations upon request are provided to sellers who have sold 100 or more products with Teespring. To request a translation please contact translations@teespring.com. Learn more about translating for global markets here


Example of translation request email

When requesting translations be sure to include the exact text you need translated and your Teespring account email. You should also indicate any relevant details like if the design is for male and/or female customers; in some languages there are specific words or adjectives determined by gender. Below is an example of a translation request email:

Hello, Please help translate these quotes into French and German.

French: “France – It’s where my story begins”

German: “Germany – It’s where my story begins”

Keep in mind I plan to sell this design to female buyers only.