Teespring integrations

Teespring offers an extensive list of exclusive integrations designed to help you sell more. Make sure you’re taking advantage of these powerful tools to increase your sales. Use the Integrations tab to activate and customize Teespring’s integrations with YouTube, Twitch and Streamlabs.


YouTube merch shelf

If you’ve got 10k+ YouTube subscribers you may be eligible to sell your Teespring products on the YouTube merch shelf. Visit your YouTube Studio, click on Monetization and follow the prompts through to Merchandise to check your eligibility.

By activating the merch shelf you can sell your products directly below your YouTube videos, in your channel store, on end cards, and more. You can also customize which products to display under specific videos and pin your products during live stream. Check out our complete YouTube promo guide for insight and examples of how creators are selling their merch on YouTube. 


Twitch merch store 

The Teespring x Twitch merch store panel extension gives viewers a fully integrated shopping experience and enables them to purchase your products without ever having to leave your stream. You can also create subscriber-exclusive merch to reward loyal viewers and encourage more subscriptions.

Whenever you create new products with Teespring they’ll appear in your panel in under 15 minutes. Your merch will be visible to international viewers and products can be shipped worldwide. Check out our complete Twitch promo guide to learn the top 12 ways streamers are selling merch on Twitch. 



Personalized merch alerts can help increase your sales by 30%+ while streaming. Teespring’s live merch alerts are available on every streaming platform integrated with Streamlabs—including YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Facebook Gaming, and more. Activating merch alerts is easy and you can customize their appearance within Streamlabs too. Once activated your buyers will be able to add a personalized message post-purchase that will be visible to you and all viewers on stream.

You can customize the appearance of your merch alerts directly within your Streamlabs account; use the sidebar to select Features > Alert Box > Merch to access your alert customization settings. Also, you can use Streamlabs for merch alerts while using other alert providers for other alert types. Just make sure there’s no overlap with activated alerts on each platform—for example, if you’re using merch alerts on Streamlabs make sure they’re deactivated on StreamElements.  


Google Shopping

The Teespring x Google Shopping Integration offers impressive results for users who are new to advertising or have a limited ad budget. Google’s Smart Shopping ads can simplify campaign management, optimize your ads based on the goals you set, and extend your reach to shoppers throughout the Google network. Google will essentially optimize the ad for you and place your products in front of the right shoppers at the opportune time.

Access to this integration is granted on a case by case basis. You will be notified by email once you’ve unlocked Google Shopping with Teespring. Visit the resource linked below to apply.