Targeting buyers in another language

Creating Facebook ads for European buyers is similar to creating ads for US buyers; to create Facebook ads targeting non-English speaking buyers simply choose the target country, language and then add interests in English as you normally would. Facebook translates keywords for you if you select a particular language for your target audience, like German (as shown in the image below). This means you can set up your ad targeting in English!


In the example above you can see the language is German, the target audience “interests” are in English.

If you want to add language-specific interests go to and translate the keywords of your design (e.g. the word “motorcycling” if your design is for bikers) and add those words to the “interests” of your Facebook ad.

Keep in mind that the interest groups will be smaller (Germany is a lot smaller than the USA). To make your target audience bigger there are a few things you can do:

  • Pick bigger or broader interest groups or adding more until your target audience reaches a decent size (50 – 150k people).
  • Use the country you target as an “interest” to cross with your main audience (ex. “German Biker”).
  • Check what other markets speak the same language and add them to your targeting (ex. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg all have German as a national language).