Seller Trust Score

One of the most powerful new features we’re using to ensure good content quality on the Boosted Network is seller trust scores. Seller trust scores aim to serve two important purposes:

1. Identify sellers who create quality content and comply with our design policies and give them prioritized access to the Boosted Network.

2. Protect IP owners, our marketplace partners, and customers from poor quality, IP infringing, and offensive content.

The selection of Boosted Network content is done by an algorithm which incorporates a number of different parameters including seller trust scores. Sellers must maintain a high trust score in order to be eligible to sell on the Boosted Network. Having a high trust score can unlock certain marketplaces too—only sellers with the highest trust scores can gain access to our Amazon integration for example.

Which sellers receive a trust score?

A trust score is assigned to a seller after they receive their first few sales. New seller accounts without a sales history and accounts who have not verified their payout information will not receive a trust score rating. This helps us ensure only legitimate sellers with good content are assigned a trust score and gain access to the Boosted Network. Learn more about how to drive sales here.

What causes a trust score to be lowered?

Trust scores can be lowered if a seller is caught violating any of our policies, for example copying someone else’s design, using protected design elements, or if their listing(s) is disabled by our team for an IP or policy violation. Please note that sellers who have listings delisted by automated content review will not have their trust score impacted. Trust scores are modified manually on a case by case basis. We do understand people can make honest mistakes and that most sellers strive to comply with our design policies—if a trusted seller is flagged for a policy violation we consider the context of the violation and their overall history with Teespring before adjusting a trust score.

If you believe your listing or account was disabled in error or if you have any questions regarding your listing or account disablement please contact our Seller Support Team (learn more). Keep in mind our team will not provide information on how to bypass keyword filters and sellers who contact us for this information may have their score lowered and/or account disabled.

How can sellers increase their trust score?

Over time, the longer a seller has a Teespring account and commits no policy violations their trust score can improve. Also, when sellers hit certain sales milestones it can contribute to a raised score.

Can sellers see their trust score?

Please note that seller trust scores are currently not visible within seller accounts and we cannot provide your score to you. However, having a high trust score can increase your daily launch limit and get you faster payouts. If you receive fast payouts this is a good indication that you have a high trust score.