Promoting with Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks in existence. It recently reported having over 500 million monthly active users which puts it ahead of both Twitter and Linkedin! Teespring Creators are starting take advantage of this social network’s popularity and have started using it to promote their products. If you’ve never used Instagram click here for more information on getting started.

Tips for promoting your Teespring products on Instagram

Below are some examples of how you can promote your Teespring products using Instagram.

  • Always include a campaign URL when possible. Users are not able to include active URLs within Instagram posts, but you can still write out your campaign URL for people to copy and paste into their browser. Another way to share your campaign URL with followers is to update your Instagram profile information; add your campaign URL for the display “website” option.


  • Use relevant hashtags whenever possible; hashtags are a great way to get more campaign page views and followers. Instagram recommends using specific and relevant hashtags and encourages users to be observant of new and trending hashtags to include with photos.
  • Speaking of hashtags, you can create a unique hashtag for your Teespring products! Unique hashtags can make finding and sharing content about your campaign easier, it can also create more awareness for your brand, cause, etc. Check out Mashable’s Beginner’s Guide to Hashtags for more info.


Campaign supporters upload selfies with their new shirts to instagram and include Justin Timberlake’s #nolimesneeded hashtag

  • Once your campaign ends encourage supporters to upload photos on Instagram with their new items; make sure to ask them to tag your account and use any relevant hashtags. If supporters share photos with you through Facebook or Twitter you can also upload them to Instagram. Posting photos featuring your products can help you gain more followers, create social proof and user generated content, and they give you content to share the next time you want to run a campaign!
  • Be sure to engage and interact with followers on Instagram! Thanking people for posting selfies with their items or for supporting your campaign is a great way to connect with your followers. People love to engage on social media so give them the attention they deserve; respond to their comments, follow someone who follows you, and connect with your community – after all, they’re the ones who will help make your campaign a success!