Leveraging social proof to generate more sales

Once buyers start receiving their orders, you can generate even more hype for your merch with social proof. Buffer defines user social proof as “…approval from current users of a product or service. This includes customer testimonials, case studies, and online reviews.” One way Teespring sellers can encourage the creation of social proof from buyers is to request photos!

Happy buyers sharing photos of themselves wearing your merch can generate excitement and interest, as well as affirm the value and quality of the products you’re selling.


Creating hype

Imagine a satisfied buyer shares a selfie on social media wearing one of your products. They even include a comment about how much they like the item. This is a perfect example of social proof and can encourage others to purchase your items too. Buyer photos can also generate excitement within your communities—people enjoy getting attention and sharing photos of your products is a great way to achieve this. Often times your buyers’ followers will comment on the photos asking where they can get their own product, expanding your social reach! You should get into the habit of encouraging customers to share photos wearing their products once they receive them and tag you on social media whenever possible.

YouTuber Keren Swan shares customer photos of her new merch on her Instagram page.

Teespring creator James Cage White frequently reposts UGC to his twitter page.

The Report of the Week responds to and re-tweets images of happy customers.

Twitch user Reckful asks for user submissions when designing his t-shirts to involve his community.


Contacting buyers

There’s a few easy ways to incentivize and encourage buyers to share their photos with you. Check out the clip below to see how YouTuber and beauty guru Pita asks customers to tweet and tag her in their merch photos.


  • Ask people to submit photos through the same channels you shared your listings (ex. Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, etc.), use messages like, “We can’t wait to see photos of you wearing our design! Please post your photo and tag us!”
  • Offer prizes for people who submit their photos; you can host a selfie contest for example – ask buyers to submit their photos, create an album and whichever photo has the most likes/votes wins! Offer a special prize to the winner.
  • Feature a “follower of the month” (fan of the week, etc.) on your social accounts. Ask people to submit photos and choose one to feature each week – link to the Teespring listing from which the person selected purchased their item.
  • Use Teespring’s Buyer Message Tool to contact your buyers via email and ask them to share selfies once they receive their orders to be featured on your social pages.

The lifestyle brand Bl3ssed has photo albums full of customer photos.

Gamer Jack Frags creates collages of his fans’ photos.

Wear your merch!

If you’ve got a group of fans or followers wear your own merch to get people talking. You can order your own samples and incorporate your photos or videos into your promotional content. 

Twitch + YouTuber streamer Aphmau wears her own merch in her social posts.