Creating products with the Teespring Launcher

You can create over 50+ products instantly in the Teespring Launcher.  Remember, Teespring is free to use and because the products are produced on demand there are no upfront inventory costs.  You decide the profit you want to make per product sale and you can edit your listing details instantly after launch too.

Listing descriptions

You can optimize your listing title and description to improve the discoverability of your products on within marketplaces and search engines. If you plan to utilize integrations like the YouTube merch shelf you should always add at least 20 characters to the description of your listings. 

Global products

Did you know international shoppers are 2x more likely to purchase when you offer global products in your listings? We can ship orders to 178+ countries worldwide regardless of the product’s fulfillment region. However, global products offer a localized shopping experience for buyers who visit your listing page by automatically displaying the best shipping rates and delivery timelines based on each shoppers’ location. 

Keep in mind anyone can change their location and the products displayed by updating the “Location’ setting in the footer of the listing page. 

Design file tips

We always recommend uploading high-quality PNG files to the launcher. Always make sure your designs have a transparent background too—you can find free tutorials showing you how in GIMP, Photoshop, etc. online. Please note the launcher does not accept EPS files and file size limit for the launcher is 50 MB. Check out our design file tips for more info on how to format your designs for the launcher. You can use online design tools like Placeit if you need help creating custom designs to add to your products.  

Offer multiple designs

Not only can you offer products with unique designs in one listing, you can now add additional designs during launch too! Select “Add More Products” during listing creation and add your unique design for each product type. If your listing is already live you can use the “Add to existing listing” option as well. Keep in mind you can’t add different designs for the same product type (for example, two unisex shirts with two different designs), but you can add different designs for different product types (see example of unisex shirt and ladies tee below). Use your listings to sell matching products to couples, friends, parents/kids, bachelor/bachelorette groups, and more—the possibilities are endless!

Example of custom ‘his and her’ t-shirts 

Get Boosted 

Creating global products increases your total number of eligible products that can be added to the Boosted Network. Now you’ll have the chance to benefit from more Boosted Network listings without having to spend extra time creating products for multiple regions. Don’t forget to optimize the title and description of your listings too.