Marketing new products to buyers

Teespring’s new product options offer an opportunity to tap into additional markets as well as capitalizing on past buyers. In the video below Keegan and Cortland Rush share tips and insight on how they market these new products to past and potential buyers.

Quick tips:

  • Make sure to create quality ad images and mockups. Use lifestyle images (like a poster hanging on a wall) to clearly show the product and how it is intended to be used (Keegan and Cortland use shutterstock for ad images for example).
  • Remember to contact past buyers about new products with the Teespring Messages tool! If they loved your design enough to buy it they’ll probably want it on new products too.
  • Make sure to optimize your product title and description during setup (no “limited edition” or generic words).
  • Try promoting new products to your communities organically—post a new product/image on Facebook and don’t include links. You can add links in the comments section.
  • Add new products to past successful listings (because this will help you rank higher in marketplace search results).
  • Remember, new products make it easier to tap into new niches (because they aren’t saturated with new products yet) – ex. Mechanic niche has tons of t-shirts, but not posters!