The ‘Listings’ section is where you can view and edit all of your product listings. You’ll have an overview of sales, profit, and the fulfillment region of each listing based on its products (US, EU, or global). You can also access the following tools and customization options by clicking the buttons and icons next to each listing:

  • Order product samples (learn more)
  • Edit listings title, details, price, etc.
  • Update listing settings (schedule end date, print cycle, visibility settings, etc.)
  • View an individual listing’s analytics (learn more)
  • Message customers of this listing (learn more)
  • Duplicate a listing settings and products
  • Archive listings to remove them from your dashboard view
  • Relaunch ended listings to make products available for purchase


How to edit listing details

You have the ability to edit listing details instantly. Simply click the pencil icon of the listing your want to edit. Make sure to save your changes after editing. Also keep in mind orders are produced (printed) every three days and this three day period is known as a “print cycle” (learn more below). When editing prices, the updated price and profit margin will be reflected on any new orders placed. The new price will not impact current/previous orders placed within that print cycle before the change. 

  • Title: Customize the title displayed on your listing page.
  • Description: Customize the description displayed on your listing page. Learn about how to optimize your listing title and description here.
  • URL (NEW): You can edit your listing’s URL at any time. Just enter the new URL, click save, and see your changes appear. 
  • Currency settings: Teespring automatically displays currencies based on shoppers’ location. You’re able to choose the exact display price in USD and in one other currency, either GBP or EURO, on your listing page. If you set the primary EU currency to GBP for example, this means the EURO price displayed will be based on this GBP price you have set. The specific EURO amount will depend on the current exchange rate. Make sure to update your currency settings first before editing any prices in the Available products section below.
  • Default product: Select the default product you want to appear when shoppers visit your listing page.
  • Price: Customize the selling price displayed (and profit) per product. Keep in mind you can set the selling price for global products (fulfilled in EU and US) in both USD and your primary EU currency (either GBP or EUR). Keep in mind the EU price you set includes VAT—if you’re located outside of the EU the display price you’ll see on the listing page will not include VAT.
  • Product images: Choose the default product image to display per product.


Edit, add or remove designs in your current listings

You can edit or add new designs for individual products or apply your edits in bulk to other products in the listing. Instantly adjust design placement, size, etc. as well as upload new designs to apply to your products. Navigate to the ‘Listings’ section of your Teespring account, select the ‘edit’ icon, then click ‘edit or add designs’ to get started. You can apply your design changes to your chosen product or alternatively, toggle the bulk edit option to apply your design changes to all products on the listing. Check out the video below to learn more. 

Note: Once saved, edits will immediately be reflected on the listing page. However, edits may take 2 – 3 business days to be reflected on external integrations such as the YouTube merch shelf due to content review policies. Edited products will not be available through integrations  during the review period. 

Remember, editing your listing will initiate the print cycle for current orders. Once saved, new orders placed will feature the new design. Buyers will need to cancel their order before edits are saved or contact [email protected] as soon as possible. (You’ll have about a 2 hour window before your product goes to print after your print cycle ends).


How to update listing settings

You can access a listing’s settings by clicking its ‘gear’ icon. You can update the following settings for each listing:

  • Visibility: Control who is able to view your listings and where your products appear (e.g. merch shelf).
  • Teespring Marketing: Toggle this on to let Teespring help you drive more sales through our Boosted Network (marketplace integrations, SEM, paid promotion, etc.).
  • Schedule end date: Set a date for your listing to end or end it immediately to make products no longer available for purchase.  
  • Print cycle: By default, all listings automatically have three day print cycles. This means orders are produced and shipped every three days. If no orders are placed, the print cycle will continue indefinitely. You can also initiate a print cycle here to process orders asap.
  • Tracking: You’re able to add tracking pixels for all listings within your account settings. You can also add specific tracking pixels for specific listings here. 


Visibility settings

You can control who sees your Teespring listings and products by updating a listing’s visibility setting. Just head to the ‘Listings’ section of your Teespring account and click the ‘Settings’ icon on your preferred listing. Next you’ll see the section where you can select public, private, or unlisted visibility.

  • Public listings can be seen by and shared with anyone. Depending on your account preferences  they will also show up in search results, marketplaces, Youtube merch shelf, Twitch merch store etc. Note that a listing must be set to public if you want it to appear within integrations YouTube merch shelf and Twitch merch store. Use the public setting when you want as many people as possible to see your products.
  • Private listings can only be seen by you and team members with access to your Teespring account. Your private listings won’t appear in search results, storefronts, YouTube merch shelf or the Twitch merch store. This setting is a great tool if you want to plan a big product launch. You can create your listings ahead of time and only make them visible when you’re ready to announce them. If you make a listing private you can add it to your store too and people won’t be able to see it until you make it public. 
  • Unlisted listings can be seen and shared by anyone with the link. However, these listings will not appear in marketplaces, search results, or the YouTube merch shelf and Twitch merch store. Utilize this setting when you want to share your listing with a select group of people—they’ll only be able to see your products if they have the link. Please note products of unlisted listings can still appear in storefronts so you’ll want to remove them from your store if you want to limit the people who can see them.

Note: If you change a listing from private to public it will be visible within your Teespring storefront almost immediately. However, it can take up to 24 – 48 hours for the product to appear in your YouTube merch shelf and Twitch Merch Store. Also, when you make a listing private it will immediately disappear from your Teespring storefront, but can take up to 10 hours for the product to be removed from YouTube and Twitch. 



Schedule end date

Once you’ve created a listing you can schedule an end date—this feature is useful for sellers who want to offer products for a limited time. Keep in mind once your listing ends on the scheduled date the print cycle will not restart (buyers will not be able to place orders once it ends) so you must manually relaunch the listing if you want the products to be available again.

To schedule an end date  visit the “Listings” section of your dashboard and select the gear icon (settings) for the listing you want to edit. 

Then select the end date, time, time zone, and save your selection. If you want to end a listing’s print cycle immediately you can select the “End Immediately” option too.  Keep in mind the print cycle will not reset when you select this option. 


If you’ve scheduled an end time you may want to also activate the countdown timer on your listing page. To do this, go tot the “Settings” section of your Teespring account, tick the box, and save your changes. Keep in mind by checking this option, it will add the timer to all of your listings

This is how the countdown timer appears on your listing pages once activated:


Initiate print cycle

You can initiate a listing’s print cycle from within your Teespring account. Navigate to the “Listings” section of your dashboard and click the gear icon (settings) on the listing you want to edit. 

When you select “Start Print” we will initiate production for current orders on your listing and the print cycle will reset to three days. 

Select “End Immediately” if you want to initiate the print cycle and do not want the listing to relaunch, i.e. you do not want print cycle to reset and the products to be available for purchase again. 

You can relaunch listings at any time in the ‘Listings’ section of your Teespring account. 


Delete listings (archive)

Please note is not possible to completely delete a listing due to legal reasons, however, you can ensure it is no longer visible by anyone online and prevent people from purchasing from it.

  1. Make your listing private
  2. Disable marketing
  3. End your listing’s print cycle 

Archiving listings will remove them from visibility in the the “Listings” section of your dashboard. You can access archived listings and unarchive them at any time.  

If you want to unarchive a listing change the ‘Show’ filter to ‘Archived’ and click the “x” icon as shown below. 

You can also relaunch listings that have ended print cycles.