How to set up a Teespring Campaign

Check out the videos below for a step-by-step guide on how to set up a campaign on Teespring. We’ll cover creating your design, choosing your fulfillment region, learning the ins and outs of products and pricing, setting your target sale and more!


Got questions? Check out our launch FAQs below.

What should I set my target sale to?

Your target sale is the number of units you’re aiming to sell. We have the profit estimator so you can see the profit you could make if you sell 20, 50, 100, etc. items. You can set your target to any number, but we’d recommend setting it to the lowest number possible. This way your campaign will “tip” (i.e. become successful) as soon as you sell your first few products. In order to be able to set your campaign target to 1, your design file must meet our DPI requirements; you can learn more about this in the “Creating Designs” section of the Training Center. 

Do I need to increase my sales target if I reach it?

Nope! The sales target is the number of products you want to sell. If you surpass your target there is no reason to adjust it, and there is no limit to the number of products you can sell!

Are there any designs I can't use?

Please refer to our design guide for more info; sellers should aim to comply with our design policies and avoid using copyrighted and trademarked elements in their designs.

What type of design file should I use?

Generally we recommend high resolution PNG files but most image files are accepted. If you want to set your campaign target to 1 or use a full color design (10+ colors) make sure the design has 120 DPI at the scale of print for US campaigns and 300 DPI at the scale of print for EU campaigns. You can learn more about DPI in the “Creating Designs” section.

What fulfillment region should I choose?

Teespring can ship any order worldwide regardless of the fulfillment region selected. Ideally the fulfilment region should be based on where most of your buyers are located; if your buyers are located in North America select US as the fulfillment region. If your buyers are located in Europe, Australia, Africa, etc. select the EU fulfillment region. Selecting the correct fulfillment region gives your buyers better shipping rates and localized customer service.

What products should I choose?

You can add up to 15 different products and color options to your campaign. You should select products you think your buyers will love. If your audience is comprised of males and females make sure to have product options for both groups.

Why do I need to choose a category and sub-category when setting up my campaign?

In step 3 of the setup process we encourage you to select a relevant category and sub-category (this section has replaced “tags” in the video); this will improve your campaign’s chances of appearing accurately in search results on You can also use your campaign title and description to optimize your campaign for Teespring Marketing, click here to learn more.

Still have a few questions or looking for a more detailed video tutorial? Click the link below!