How to research new niches

Now that you’ve determined your audience and have found a niche you’re interested in selling to, it’s time to do some research! Remember those questions we asked before? Let’s discuss how we can find the answers to them using online resources:

  • What kind of people – their gender, age, location, etc.?
  • Where in the world would I find someone wearing a similar shirt?
  • What kind of interests do these people have?
  • What kind of groups would they be a part of online?
  • What social media groups would they frequent?

How to perform “Niche Research”

There are several different tools you can use to learn more about your target audience – we recommend starting with a general search on Google, and then getting more and more specific by using social media, especially a powerful tool created by Facebook, Audience Insights, where most Teespring sellers find potential buyers.

1. Google Search

Google is a good place to start your research. Let’s continue using “paramedics” as our example. When you search the word “paramedics” you’ll find some common or related keywords like EMTs, EMS, Emergency medical responder and ambulance technician.

2. Facebook Search

If you’re planning to target your buyers on Facebook look for groups related to this niche. If you search “paramedic” on Facebook you’ll see there are several community pages with over 300,000 members; it’s important to note if followers of these pages are active and engage with content regularly (their level of engagement – likes, comments, shares-  can indicate if they’re more likely to be responsive to your ads). If you’re having trouble finding your niche on Facebook thinking about other search terms to use (if “paramedics” is your audience you can search for other words like EMTs, EMS, etc) – you may have to search for a broader audience before you can zero-in on your specific niche.

3. Facebook’s Audience Insights (Paid Advertising)

Get to know the people who matter to your business…so you can understand what matters to them. Facebook Audience Insights is there to help you learn about their locations, interests and behaviors, so you can create messages that will help your business grow.

  1. Define Your Audience: Enter Custom Audiences, demographics, interests, behaviors and more to define your audience.
  2. Explore Your Audience: Click through these tabs to learn about their demographics, interests and behaviors.
  3. Save Your Audience: Save your audience for future use. It will be available in Power Editor’s Audiences section.
  4. Create Ad: Reach your audience right away by creating an ad.

This is a powerful tool that will save you a lot of time (and money) when finding your perfect audience. Click HERE to get started exploring!

4. Twitter Search

Search “EMT” or “Paramedic” hashtags and phrases to see what type of content appears. What kind of people are discussing these topics? What type of content are they sharing or are interested in?

5. Reddit Search

Gain further insight rom Reddit – type your general interest or audience into the search to find the most popular “subreddits” –forums where specific content is posted and voted upon. The content at the top of the page is the most popular content by that specific subreddit audience; this is a good way to see what’s trending with a particular audience or topic.

6. Pinterest Search

On more fashion-forward sites like Pinterest, you can easily discover a bit more about your niche’s sense of style – what they like to wear. If you search “Paramedic Tank Tops” on Pinterest, you will discover the most loved apparel based pins that involve that certain theme. Once you’ve discovered some popular pins, you can click through to the pinners profile to get more inspiration on what that type of person (or buyer persona) is interested in.

7. Blogs and Publications

A source of news and opinions related to your niche can also be a good place to advertise your design. For example, is a website that covers news and houses forums for the Emergency Medical Service community. You could reach out to learn more about the community and find out what types of shirts they might be (or have been) interested in. You might even be able to gain feedback from members of the community on your design idea.

Check out industry leader, Dan Nikas, as he explains other methods you can use to find in-depth insight on your niche (starting at minute 14:50).

What’s next?

In the next chapter of the Finding Buyers section we will discuss global markets; you will also find several video tutorials about performing niche research and real life examples of using the tools mentioned above. Remember—Teespring is a place for creativity to come to life. Those who do not use original work or designs that are in line with our policies will not be allowed to sell on Teespring.