Facebook promotional guide

With over 2.39 billion monthly active users, Facebook’s collection of commerce tools and content features make it a powerful platform for promoting your Teespring products. In this guide we’ll take a look at the most effective promotional tactics and tools used by Teespring sellers on Facebook to drive product sales.  We’ve also provided specific examples of how you can use these methods on your own page and promotional posts.


Create a business page

First things first! You should create a Facebook business page if you haven’t already. It doesn’t matter if you have an established online following or are just starting to build a brand…having a Facebook page is useful for everyone. By setting up a business page you’ll be able to unlock more tools, analytical features, boost your brand’s discoverability and attract more customers over time. Once your page is live you can update your ‘About’ section with links to your channel, merch store, social accounts and more. 


Add brand elements

Extend your brand logos, colors, etc. to your Facebook profile picture and cover photo to create brand consistency across platforms. For example, Artist @MeiYu [1.6M subscribers] uses the same profile picture and banner from her YouTube channel so followers can easily recognize her Facebook page.

Your Facebook cover photo is a prime location to promote products and announce sales. @SimonsCat [5.1M subscribers] for example, created a custom cover photo during the pre-order period of their limited edition plushies. Alternatively, you could display promo codes in this space too. Don’t forget to include a link within the caption of the photo so people can click through to your listing or store.


Activate page button

Choose ‘shop now’ as your page button and link to your teespring store. This will make finding your products straightforward for anyone who visits your page. Here we can see @ColeandMarmalade [1.29M subscribers] have even designed their cover photo to highlight their “shop now” button by adding ‘shirts available’ and an arrow. When you click this button it takes you directly to their Teespring merch store.  

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Create a shop  

Because you’ve created a Facebook business page you may also be eligible to utilize tools like Facebook shop. While viewing your page look to the left side bar to see if you have the ‘shop’ tab. Click the tab, write a description for your shop and add your products one by one by pasting each listing URL. This is a great tool to house your products and make them easily accessible to your followers. Once added, viewers can click products they’re interested in and complete their purchase on teespring.com.

If you click the ‘Shop’ button in the side menu this takes you to their Facebook shop where you can browse available products. When you click a product you’ll be taken to the listing page on teespring.com where you can complete your purchase.

In this example we can see how @MeiYu [1.6M subscribers] has customized her Facebook shop to include featured products at the top of her shop page. We recommend using this feature to showcase new or limited edition products too.  


Publish posts

Facebook offers lots of space to add copy to your social posts. Use this opportunity to share more information about you or the products you’re promoting. After all, the people on your page follow you and the common interests you share. Let them know why your products are special. 

What to include in posts:

  • Always include a link to your listing or store when promoting your products (learn more below).
  • You should always include visual content in your posts—whether it be a photo wearing your product, a mockup, gif or video. 
  • We also recommend sharing the story behind your design or merch collection and why it’s important to you.
  • If you’re running a sale it’s also a good idea to call out the promo code and the sale end date in your post. 
  • And last you’ll want to remind followers to share photos of their products once they receive their order. 

Tracking links tips: 

Let’s take a look at how Teespring users successfully promote their products on Facebook using these tips. 

In this example @RockyKanaka [1.37M subscribers] used an image featuring a mockup of his product and added an eye-catching, festive background. We can see he’s included a link to the listing where people can purchase his merch and he’s shared the story that inspired the design. 

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Running a sale can boost your conversions by up to 60% and Facebook is a great place to share promo codes with buyers. Whether you include the promo code within the asset you share, or within the caption that accompanies the post, it is completely up to you. Many successful Teespring users plan promotions around holidays and important calendar dates. Here are a few examples of the different types of posts you can use to promote your sale. 

Like @GohanTheHusky [2.21M subscribers], you too can create shoppable carousel posts. This is a useful option because the user can get a preview of the products and scroll through available items.

Here we can see @Mississippi_golden_gurls [324k followers] has posted a photo with several of their merch items. In the description they’ve included a link to their store and and shared a promo code for a sale they’re running. 

@OutsideXbox [2.5M subscribers] featured their sale details within the promo image to ensure followers wouldn’t miss out on this special offer.  

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Don’t forget featuring your merch in promotional content can increase your sales by 50%. Whether you’re a creator, gamer, or internet marketer—showing off the quality of your products to followers and fans can significantly help increase your sales. 

Check out how @ColeandMarmalade [1.29M subscribers] show off a variety of their holiday merch products in this Facebook post by posing with their samples. 

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@Kellofaplan [62.8K subscribers] shows off one of her new tote bags by posing with a sample.

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Use Facebook Live  

Sharing video content via Facebook live is an extremely effective way to create engagement. You can use it to engage directly with your fans in real time and share info with them about your products. 

@Mississippi Golden Gurls [314K followers] reveals a brand new design in this live video and followers go wild! 

@Givling [67.7K followers] noticed a significant increase in engagement and sales when they announced new products and giveaways using Facebook Live. 


Collect social proof

Once buyers start receiving their orders, use social proof to drive even more sales. Social proof is essentially the approval of a product from a peer group. Happy buyers sharing photos of themselves wearing your merch can generate excitement and interest, as well as affirm the value and quality of the products you’re selling. You can then re-publish this content on Facebook (and other social accounts) and even create a dedicated album featuring of happy customers!

Plus, if photos of you wearing products gets followers excited imagine how much they’ll love the chance to be featured on your Facebook page! Reward loyal customers and make them feel special by giving them a shoutout or sharing their photos within your community.

Don’t forget if you come across any buyers who need assistance you can send them to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

Check out some examples of how Teespring users collect and share social proof from their followers. 

@Bl3ssedlife [1.7K followers] showcases all of their customer selfies in a photo album on their Facebook page. 

Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blaire of @DechartGames [314K subscribers] show off their merch by wearing it in a selfie. In the post they also ask customers to tag them with a photo wearing their merch using a custom hashtag. 


Ready to put these tips to the test?