Promoting with Facebook

Facebook is not only a convenient way to connect with others but it serves as a great tool for sharing your Teespring products with friends, family, and followers.

Promoting to an active following

So, you’re a creator. Facebook may not be the main source of your following, but Facebook gives a good chance at engagement between you and your audience and between your followers. 

  • Plan your posts: If you have a content calendar and posting timelines add your merchandise offers to it so you stay on schedule. Example schedule: for every 7 engagement posts, create 1 post tied back to merchandise… or, once every 2 weeks, remind fans to pick up merchandise, etc.
  • Update your profile and/or cover photo: Update the cover photo of of your Facebook profile or page; you can include images from Teespring Creatives, or create a cover image using free tools like Be sure to include images of the products available and the listing URL.
  • Pin a merch post to the top of your page: Make sure to “pin” the post to the top of your Facebook page whenever you share a new update – by pinning the post you’re able to highlight the listing so it’s the first thing people see when they visit your page.
  • Use video content: Facebook’s algorithm gives preference to video content. This can increase overall post reach, and illicit more engagements. We recommend sharing videos featuring your products via Facebook as much as possible.
  • Encourage USG (User Generated Content) As buyers begin to receive their products you can use the excitement to push more sales.
    • Reward members of your community who have purchased merchandise and make them feel special with shoutouts.
    • Create a Facebook album to collect photos submitted of people wearing your products
    • Start a contest and reward the fan/follower whose photo has the most “likes”
    • Create a special hashtag for your merchandise and ask buyers to upload selfies and include the hashtag (so you can easily find their photos)
  • Promote using a store link: If you have your own brand, promote stores not products, this way your link stays ‘evergreen’, meaning the link never ‘dies’ so as you bring out new products or old products get removed, the link is still active and working 


Promoting with personal profiles

Dan launched a Teespring listing to raise funds for the care of his wife Denise and help raise awareness about Alzheimer’s Disease. A portion of the funds raised were also donated to the Alzheimer’s Association. Dan used his personal Facebook profile to promote the listing – the following tips can be applied to personal profiles as well as Facebook pages and groups. This is an example of a Facebook cover photo that Dan used to promote his listing. Notice that he has included images of the products and the listing URL.


Once the listing ends you should ask buyers to share selfies with their new item once it arrives. This can generate interest and credibility, leading to more sales if you relaunch the listing in the future. Check out our section on “post-listing promotion” for more info. You can see in the photos below people are asking where they can also purchase an item from the listing. Due to the amount of requests Dan received after sharing the photos he relaunched the fundraiser and was able to sell additional items.