Getting started with the Facebook Pixel

Tracking pixels can be useful to Teespring sellers in several ways; for starters, they show you how effective your Facebook ads are and enable you to identify the best performing ads according to sales. They enable you to test different ad types and different target audiences when promoting the same campaign since you will be able to see how many sales were generated by each ad. Furthermore, Facebook uses your tracking pixels to learn about your target audiences and further optimize your ads to target people with the highest chance of “converting” (i.e. purchasing an item) in the future. This is particularly crucial when you want to use the ad type ‘Increase conversions on your website’ (i.e. Website Conversion Ad). Keep in mind with the new Facebook Pixel you can only have one pixel per ad account. 

IMPORTANT: If you have previously added the Facebook Conversion Tracking or Custom Audience pixels to your Teespring account be sure to remove them before adding the new Facebook Pixel. We recommend using one Facebook pixel in your Teespring account for the most accurate results.

Step 1: Create a Facebook Pixel

Many new sellers first use their personal Facebook account when creating ads and pixels. In the long run however, it may be better for you to advertise through a business account. Some of the reasons to use a business account include being able to manage multiple ad accounts, assigning roles to other members of your team (if you choose to work within a team), having access to Dynamic Product Ads, etc. Also, if you ever run into trouble with your ad account (i.e. ad violations), you don’t want to get your personal account banned from Facebook!

  1. Go to your Ads Manager account
  2. Click the top menu and under “assets” select Pixel.
  3. Choose a name for your pixel; if you have multiple ad accounts you may want to choose a name related to the niche you target with this ad account.
  4. Make sure you’ve checked the box to accept the terms and create your code. Then choose to install your pixel by copying & pasting it – as shown below:

Step 2: Add the Facebook Pixel to your Teespring Account

Adding your Facebook Pixel to your Teespring Account is super easy. 

1. First copy the 16 digit Pixel ID from your ads manager account in Facebook.

2. Log-in to your Teespring Account, go to “Marketing”, and then select “Facebook” in the top menu. Next paste your 16 digit Pixel ID.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Update” to save your pixel. Please note that due to caching, it can take an hour or two before your pixel is activated.

4. (Optional) If you want to use a different Pixel for a specific listing, you can override your account Pixel ID by going to listing settings and entering a new Pixel ID for that listing.


Event Tracking with Teespring

Within a few hours of setting up your Facebook Pixel, you should start to see Events appearing within Facebook Ads Manager.

You can expect the following Events which make up the normal purchase funnel:

  • ViewContent – Visitor views your listing.
  • BuyItNow – Visitor clicks on the “Buy it Now” button.
  • AddToCart – Visitor adds an item to their shopping cart.
  • InitiateCheckout – Visitor clicks “Checkout” button.
  • Purchase – Visitor successfully places their order.

IMPORTANT: We now fire Facebook Pixels on storefronts. The event name is “ViewContent” (just like listing page) and will include “content_ids” for all listings on the page (and another pixel will be fired with additional content_ids if the user views Page 2, etc). If you haven’t used the new storefronts yet, now is a great time to give it a try. Some sellers have reported higher conversion rates by sending their Facebook Ads traffic to storefronts rather than listings, so give it a try and let us know how it goes!

All Events include the following fields: value, currency, content_type, and content_ids. Additionally, InitiateCheckout and Purchase also include “num_items” which will tell you how many items are in your buyer’s cart. Also, if you link your Facebook ad account with Teespring, you can download your Product Feed which will enable Dynamic Product Ads.

TIP: Want to verify your pixel is working? Download the Chrome Extension “Facebook Pixel Helper”.

We recommend using ONE Facebook Pixel for selling Teespring products; you can create Custom Audiences for specific niches using only one pixel—click here to learn how.