Downloading your Product Feed from Teespring

If you have active listings then you can get a product feed file that is compatible with Facebook to create DPA type ads. We set up your product feed at a unique URL which can be used as a way to download your most recent feed, and as a URL to send Facebook so that they can keep your product feed up to date with your active campaigns on a daily basis. Before getting started though, you’ll need to use a Facebook business account in order to set up DPA ads – learn more here.

Step 1

 To get started, head to the listings section of your dashboard. As long as you have at least one active listing you should see a link above the list of your listings that reads Download Product Feed”:

When you have clicked this, you should see the follow up message at the top of your dashboard stating that you have been sent an email with your feed link:


Step 2 

Now it is time to move over to your inbox (make sure you check the account with the same email that is associated with your Teespring account) where you should get an email after a few minutes:

NOTE: It may take 30-45 minutes before your feed is ready to download, but in some cases it may take as long as 24 hours. You will only need to download this one time. After that, it will be refreshed once every 24 hours to reflect your latest account details (exact time of refresh varies).

Open this email and you will find a link. That is the link to download your DPA feed. The first time you click “Download Product Feed” we will generate an initial version of your feed. If you click the link, you will download a copy of your most recent product feed file.

Let’s take a look at what is contained in the file, which is a CSV and can be opened using any text editor but will be easier to read if you open it with a spreadsheet program like excel.

The file contains the following columns, each of which contains information that Facebook will use to create your product catalog. The columns are:

  • id – the URL of the listing as a unique identifier
  • availability – set to “in stock” for active listings
  • condition – always set to “new”
  • description – the listing description
  • image_link – the URL of the listing’s main social share image
  • link – the URL of the listing itself
  • title – the name of the listing
  • price – the price of the main product of the listing
  • brand – always set to “teespring”
  • additional_image_link – the URL of the listing’s primary product image
  • google_product_category – the category of the product in terms of Google’s system
  • product_type – set to ’t_shirt’ for most products
  • custom_label_0 – A list of all Teespring marketplace categories that this listing belongs to.
  • custom_label_1 – A list of all stores this listing has been added to.
  • custom_label_2 – A list of all tags on this listing.

For more detailed information on the file format that Facebook accepts for Product Feeds check this link.

In the next section we’ll talk about how you can use your product feed link to set up Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook.