Top seller tips

The Teespring Community is full of amazing Creators! We know everyone has to start somewhere, and even the most successful Creators were once newbies too. If you’re looking for some useful insight and inspiration you’ve come to the right place – below you’ll find sales boosting case studies and tips from several top Teespring Creators. If you’ve got an inspirational story or insight you want to share with the community please send us an email at

Advanced selling techniques (video) – Ty’s presentation from Teecon contains tons of useful tips to improve ad targeting and different ways of scaling your ads to maximize unit sales using Facebook.

Design & niche exploration (video) – Dan Nikas & Luuk Bijvank are a top selling team at Teespring. In this Teecon presentation Dan explains the process they use for finding new niches and creating winning designs to sell through the Teespring platform.

Using data to optimize niche targeting on Facebook (video) – Dan Nikas explains the power of using data and insight to effectively target and advertise to a niche. This video includes information on niche specific Facebook pages, 3rd party data, ads manager data, lookalike audiences and more.