Creating dynamic product ads (DPAs) on Facebook

Now that you know how to download your product feed from Teespring it’s time to put it to use!

Step 1

Browse to “Product Catalogs > Product Feeds” and select “Add Product Feed”. Here you will see an option to choose the name of the feed and the currency. After that you have two choices. We recommend “Schedule Recurring Uploads” since this will allow you to pass in your URL once and save you time in the future. However if you want to, you can click the product feed link in the email we sent you, download it, and then upload it directly to Facebook using the second option “Single Upload”.

Step 2

After you select “Schedule Recurring Uploads” you will be prompted to enter a scheduled time for the upload. You can set this to whatever you want, keep in mind we run an automated task that updates everyone’s product feeds once every 24 hours (the exact time varies). In “Feed URL” you can copy in the unique link that was in the the email you received from us. You can leave “Username” and “Password” blank.

Click “create feed” and you are finished creating your product feed, which will populate a product catalog on Facebook that you can use to build DPAs.

Step 3

To start making a DPA click “Create Ad”. Choose the “Product catalog sales” option in the “Conversion” column when asked “What’s your marketing objective?”.

A drop down will appear for “Product Catalog Sales”. If you have already gone through the product catalog creation process described above you should automatically see that Facebook has chosen your product catalog to base your ads on. Press “continue”.

Here you can choose to base this ad on “All Products” or on a specific “Product Set”. You can create product sets as subgroups of the products in your DPA feed in the Product Catalog management section of your Facebook ad account.

Step 4

Next you will decide what kind of user behavior you want to base the display of the ads on. DPAs are generally used as retargeting and cart abandonment ads, so you will need to select a particular user behavior that you are hoping to target. In this step you will also set a budget for your DPAs.

Step 5

Finally you decide what you want your ads to look like, similar to any FB ads that you might buy you must connect them to a page, set up what they look like. Now you are all ready to run your own DPAs on Facebook!

Want more info? Check out Facebook’s Dynamic Ads Guide.