Creating & maintaining Facebook Pages

Once you’ve researched your audience and developed your design message it’s time to create a Facebook Page with this audience in mind. Keep in mind you can use your personal profile to set up Facebook ads, however your ad selection and targeting capabilities will be very limited. For this reason it’s best to set up a dedicated Facebook page and populate it with content related to your niche. Setting up a new page is super easy; log into your personal profile, click on the “home” tab and then click on “Create Page” in the menu on the left.


If your target niche is women who love horseback riding for example, you can create a page focused on horseback riding. Name the page something relevant like “This girl loves horseback riding” and populate the page with interesting images and content that you think your audience will want to engage with (i.e. like, share, comment, etc).

Quick Tips for Facebook Pages

  • When creating a new page choose “brand or product” and select “clothing” as the product type
  • Choose a page name that is related to your niche. 
  • Try to post weekly and share a variety of content; don’t just post about the products you’re selling, try to find engaging and shareable content that your audience will be interested in. You can check out similar pages for content ideas too!
  • Keep in mind you don’t have to publish a lot of content, but you should make sure that the page has something to see if potential buyers visit or “like” your page.
  • Take advantage of your page’s call-to-action button (CTA) and link to your Teespring listing or store.
  • Respond to your community as much as possible; remember that the people who are responding to your ads and purchasing items are real people! Answer post comments and questions to the best of your ability and engage with them if they have positive things to say. Be sure to reference our Teespring Customer Support section for tips and information on how to assist buyers who post on your page.