Optimizing listing descriptions

Think of your listing title and description as tools to help you get more sales. Use these elements to turn shoppers from browsers to buyers and make your products more discoverable within the Boosted Network and online search engines.  Keep in mind you’ll need a trust score to appear within search results in Teespring’s Marketplace and Boosted Network. 

Quick optimization tips

  • Adding a descriptive title is very important for optimizing your listings. 
  • Keep the listing description short, but make it at least 20 characters long.
  • Include keywords in your title and description that are relevant to your design—but avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Encourage group buying to increase cart size: “Get one for yourself and for your best friend! Order for a friend and save on shipping!
  • If you’re selling products to raise funds you should consider adding an official donation badge to your listing.
  • Do not include customer support telephone numbers or emails—we include buyer support contact information within confirmation emails for you. 
  • Do not include language such as “money back guarantee” or “100% guarantee” in your listing descriptions. If you use this sort of language you could be violating our false advertising policy. Learn more here.
  • If you have buyers asking about Teespring’s return policies or guarantee it’s best to direct them our policies on teespring.com or encourage them to use this form to contact our customer support team directly. 

Listing title

Your listing title is the most important element you should focus on optimizing.  An example of a good title is “Grandma loves knitting” because it incorporates keywords related to the design: grandma and knitting. These words are not only relevant to the design, but they are also words a buyer might search for.

  • Keep in mind there’s no need to repeat keywords. This doesn’t improve your SEO when it comes to listings.
  • Do not include words describing the product type, color, size, etc.—these elements are automatically incorporated into listings when they are added to the Boosted Network or optimize for search.
  • Also, try to limit titles to five to eight words (40 character limit) and avoid adding words like “limited edition”, “over 1,000 sold”  or “ending soon”. These words take up space, don’t improve SEO, offer no insight on what your design is actually about, and could even violate our false advertising policy.

Listing URL

It’s good practice to customize listing URLs with relevant keywords. For example, if the design is “Grandma loves knitting” and your default product is a shirt, try adding the words “shirt” to the URL so you get “teespring.com/grandma-loves-knitting-shirt. If you don’t want to add the product to the URL make sure to add at least one or two keywords about the design.

Listing description

Your descriptions should be at least 20 characters long, especially if you plan on utilizing integrations like the YouTube merch shelf. When writing a description try to include content and words that are relevant to the design. We recommend keeping your description short and concise as well—don’t add loads of text or random keywords and hashtags as this will make your listing appear spammy. Let’s take a look at examples of ‘good’ listing descriptions. 

Descriptions optimized for marketplace search

When writing a description with the goal of marketplace optimization you should  always try to include words that describe the design. Also, use phrasing that could help a shopper self-identify with your design theme—you want to make it clear who the design is intended for.  See the example below:

Are you a grandmother who loves knitting? Or maybe you know someone who is? These products are perfect for those who can’t be separated from their yarn and needles!

Based on this description it’s obvious this is a design for grandmothers who like knitting. Keywords we’ve included are grandmother, knitting, yarn and needles. 

Descriptions optimized for YouTube (and other integrations)

If you’re selling merch to a fan base or plan to offer products through integrations like YouTube merch shelf, the main thing to keep in mind is your description should be at least 20 characters long. 

  • Include the story behind your design if possible
  • Use relevant keywords that describe the design