Optimizing listing descriptions

Think of your listing description as a tool to help you get more sales. It help shoppers go from browsers to buyers—and it can make your products more discoverable within the Boosted Network and Teespring’s marketplace. You’ll want to use your listing description to help shoppers identify who your products are intended for.    

An example of a good listing description could be something like this (for a knitting themed design):

Are you a grandmother who loves knitting? Or maybe you know someone who is? These products are perfect for those who can’t be separated from their yarn and needles!

Quick tips for writing good listing descriptions

  • Keep the listing description short.
  • Include keywords in your title and description that are relevant to your design—but do not keyword stuff!
  • Encourage group buying: “Get one for yourself and for your best friend! Order for a friend and save on shipping!
  • If you’re selling products to raise funds you should consider adding an official donation badge to your listing.
  • Do not include customer support telephone numbers or emails—buyers will be instructed on how to contact customer support in their order confirmation emails.
  • Do not include language such as “money back guarantee” or “100% guarantee” in your listing descriptions. If you use this sort of language you could be violating our false advertising policy. Learn more here.
  • If you have potential buyers asking about Teespring’s return policies or guarantee it’s best to direct them our policies on teespring.com or encourage them to use this form to contact our Customer Support Team directly. 
  • Translating your listings (if your design is translated) can increase your sales. Learn more here

Want more info on how to optimize your listings for marketplace search?