Boosted Network Design Guidelines

Teespring’s Boosted Network helps sellers share their products with millions of shoppers around the world. But because we’re integrated with some of the most engaged marketplaces across the web—this means sellers need to consider other marketplaces’ content policies when creating new designs.

We’re focusing on adding the “best” Teespring listings to the Boosted Network first. We select listings by starting with seller accounts that have the following characteristics:

  1. Sellers who comply with Teespring’s Acceptable Use Policies and maintain a high trust score.
  2. Sellers who comply with Facebook’s Ad Policies
  3. Sellers who comply with Boosted Network’s Design Guidelines (see below)

Sellers who fail to comply with these policies and/or have multiple design violations will not be considered for the Boosted Network. Once we’ve identified a seller who meets the requirements above we then review specific factors from their listings like conversion rate, total number of sales and how well the design lines up with general content policies explained below.

As many of you know, some platforms have stricter content policies than others. For this reason, it’s best to comply with the strictest policies to ensure that your content will work for all marketplaces.

Designs to avoid  

Let’s use one of the strictest marketplaces as an example….what are Amazon’s Content Guidelines when it comes to offensive material? “What we deem offensive is probably about what you would expect.” That’s a bit vague, so allow us to expand a bit on the types of design elements you should avoid if you’re looking to create more “marketplace friendly” designs.

Profanity, controversial topics and “bad words”

If you’ve got a design you wouldn’t want your mother or children to see…chances are it won’t be listed through the Boosted Network. We know some of the most popular designs on Teespring are ones that feature strong opinions or hot debate topics, but if your design has the potential to make another person feel uncomfortable it’s not “Boosted Network material”.

Hate speech, racism, and sexism

Completely avoid any designs related to attacking or belittling a person or group on the basis of characteristics such as race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, or gender. Absolutely no confederate flags or flag references will be added. 

Copyright/trademark violations

This should be a no-brainer, but for those of you who need a refresher, DO NOT use registered assets in your designs. Not only will a violating design not qualify for diversified distribution, but it could also get your account flagged on Teespring—preventing you from accessing other integrations and potentially having your account banned. Click here to learn more about complying with copyright and trademark law.  

What makes a “good” design?

Now that we’ve gotten the bad stuff out of the way, let’s discuss the kinds of designs that are eligible to be sold through Teespring’s Boosted Network. We mentioned that we’re looking for the “best” content to add to global marketplaces, so what does this mean exactly? Basically, there are two main characteristics we’re looking for when considering new listings:

Non-offensive designs

Avoid using any of the elements listed in the previous section. We’re looking for designs that people will be happy or proud to wear. Avoid creating designs that could make people feel uncomfortable or spark an intense debate.

Original and creatives designs 

Our advice is to focus on creating something totally new or put a new twist on your past best sellers.

Some of the most popular design themes we’ve seen on Amazon, for example, are in line with Teespring’s classic top sellers. We’re talking designs related to family, jobs, hobbies, holidays, etc. These niches are a good place to start when brainstorming new designs for global marketplaces—but take it one step further and create something totally new (ex. new niche combo, new design message, etc.)

But what if I’ve got “questionable” Teespring designs selling already?

That’s okay. We know sometimes top selling designs can be the most controversial. The thing to take away from this post is that moving forward, if you want more content sold through our marketplace integrations, you’ll need to take their content guidelines into consideration when launching new Teespring listings. Having past controversial content on Teespring won’t hurt your chances of getting access to future integrations, as long as these designs don’t violate Teespring’s content policies.

Still got questions? Check out our FAQs.