The Creator's
Essential Guide
to Teespring.

Getting started

What is Teespring?

Why Teespring?

Teespring is a free platform that lets you create and sell over 50 unlockable print-on-demand products as well as sourcing and fulfilment services for anything you can dream of. All with no upfront cost, risk or hassle. We handle everything, from printing to shipping to customer service. Over 100,000 creators use Teespring to create quality merch for their fans.

Why should I make custom merch?

Custom merch is a great way to diversify and increase your revenue and give back to your community by letting fans wear their support for you IRL. Merch can also commemorate inside jokes, as well as help you easily identify your fans at conferences and meetups.

What products can I sell?

Creators can sell more than 50 different types of merchandise including posters, mugs, stickers, tote bags, pillows, socks, towels—we could go on and on. Click here to view all products and pricing.

How do I use Teespring?

There are two main ways to use Teespring for e-commerce:

  1. Evergreen store: Make Teespring your online home for merchandise. Fans can purchase whenever they want. Having a store means higher sales, revenue, and repeat-buying rates.
  2. Limited-edition sales: Release merch that won’t be sold ever again. The sense of urgency and excitement leads to lots of purchases within a short period. It requires heavy promotion on your part to make sure everyone knows about it.

Some creators combine both options—maintaining an evergreen store while releasing limited-edition merchandise every now and then.

How do I make money?

Teespring is 100% free to use and there’s no need to sign a contract. You have total control over pricing. You set the selling/retail price and you keep everything above our “base cost.” The base cost covers the garment cost, printing, fulfillment, customer service, and refunds. For example, the base cost for a t-shirt is ~$11. If you sell it for $24, you keep $13 in profit. See full pricing sheet here.

How do I raise money for charity?

Some creators use Teespring to raise money for charities. Our verified donation feature lets you donate 10% to 100% of your proceeds to 501(c)(3) nonprofits! We even send the check so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Problems? We’re here to help.

At Teespring, we put quality above all else and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. If any of our products fall short, we do whatever it takes to make things right, whether that’s a free reprint or a full refund. If you or any of your fans receives a sub-par product, please email or DM @Teespring on Twitter. If you have questions or problems with anything seller-facing (adjusting a design, requesting a payout, intellectual property concerns), please email or DM @Teespring on Twitter. We also have live chat assistance 8 am–11:30 pm EST Monday through Friday and 1:30 pm–5:30 pm EST on Saturday and Sunday.

How to contact support

Buyer support: Seller support:

Let’s dive in.

This guide will help you learn the basics of Teespring and get started selling merchandise.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Design and create merchandise
  • Promote your merchandise
  • Analyze your sales data
  • Plan your next design

Getting started

Creating a design

Design something your community will love and wear with pride. Logo designs are great first-time designs, but also think about what resonates with your community—designs around inside jokes and slogans work really well. Read this post for more ideas. Also, if you’re stuck on ideas, remember to ask your fans for ideas. You can also ask fans for designs—talented artists are everywhere.

Still not sure how to source your next design? Check out our design support guide where you can find advice, designers to hire and our tiered design support services, which include design consultations as well as free full designs for your merch line.

Heads up!

Make sure you use high-quality artwork. If your design is lower than 120 DPI, we’ll require a minimum of three orders before we can print. (In the EU, the minimum is 300 DPI.)

Set up your products

Creating a range of globally available products is fast and easy with the new Teespring launcher. Check out this blog post for a full rundown of the benefits of the launcher experience, as well as all of the new products you can create like, pillows, posters, socks and phone cases to name a few. Each of these products has different specifications that you can read about here. Remember you can also use the new launcher to update existing listings with new products too.

Editing designs after launch

If you want to adjust your design, add more products, or change the price, URL, or featured color, please email, as this functionality isn’t available on a self-serve basis—yet!

Campaign length

Our default campaign length, “always available (batches print every 3 days),” means that we print and ship your orders every three days. Quicker turnaround times = happier customers! Even if you’re doing a limited-edition campaign, we recommend that you select “always available” for the duration so people can get their products more quickly (and spread the word by posting selfies). Simply turn it off when you want to end the campaign.

Removing the countdown timer

To remove the countdown timer (default on) on your “always available” campaign pages navigate to your account settings and uncheck the radio button labeled “Show timer on always available listings.”

Create a store

The best way to show off your merch is by setting up a fully branded storefront. Gone are the days where you could only sell limited-edition campaigns. Navigate to the “Storefronts” tab in your Teespring dashboard to create and customize your store.

Logo and banner files

  • The recommended logo is a PNG file around 300px wide and 100px tall.
  • The recommended banner size is 1600px by 200px, but it adjusts automatically so any “wide” image will look good.

Heads up!

We don’t yet have drag-and-drop store organization. You can, however, feature certain products at the top by starring them when adding products to your store.

Adding products to a storefront

There are two ways to add your products to a storefront:

  • If you have already created the storefront, simply select the store at the 3rd stage of your campaign setup right before launching. The products will automatically be added to your store.

  • If you have existing products that you’d like to add to a store, you can add the products in the Storefront Editor.

Extend branding to products

You now have the ability to display your custom logo and header color branding on your product pages. In the storefront editor, select ‘Header’ and toggle the switch labeled ‘Extend branding to products’ to the ‘On’ position.

Adding non-apparel products to new and existing campaigns

Start creating your non-apparel product in the Teespring Launcher. Once you’ve set up the design of your product choose “Add to existing listing.” From there you just need to paste the URL of your existing campaign and you’re all set!

Editing live listings

Click the little pencil icon next to the listing you would like to edit in the Products section of the dashboard—this will allow you to edit your titles, descriptions, and keywords.

Heads up!

If you want to change details such as price, product styles/colors or your campaign URL after you’ve launched, contact!

Global Fulfillment

We offer local fulfillment in both the US and EU, which means cheaper and buyer shipping for everyone. If you have a global community, we highly recommend duplicating listings for both regions, after which you can just submit the two URLs through this form. Our engineers will link the campaign pages so buyers will be directed to the listing with cheaper and faster shipping based on IP address.

Promoting your merch

Ordering your samples

Samples are a great way to hype up your merch so you can show your fans how great the product is. There are several ways to order samples:

  1. Ordering from your own campaign
  2. Creating a “base cost” campaign (Apparel Products, Stickers, Tote Bags, and Mugs)
  3. Creating a “base cost” campaign (Homeware & Other Products)
  4. Teespring Direct

Prime your audience

Priming fans for your upcoming new design is a great way to generate excitement and boost the success of your launch. Tease fans with a sneak-peek of your next design while streaming or on your social media properties. Don’t forget to utilize product samples in your postings!


Contests are great for engaging your community and attracting new buyers. They can be as simple as “retweet to win,” or you design more sophisticated contests on sites like host your contest on sites like Gleam to drive social engagement and email sign-ups.

Promos/discount codes

Creating discount codes is a fast and easy way to reward your customer base. Not only can it drive excitement around your campaigns, it can help boost purchases by up to 60%. It only takes three easy steps to set up a promo code, and there are several different ways you can use them.

YouTube Integration

Teespring has officially integrated with YouTube! This means that select YouTubers can have their Teespring merchandise appear directly below ther YouTube videos. With the merch shelf, Teespring provides a seamless point of sale for YouTubers and their communities right on their video pages. For full details on benefits, eligibility, and getting set up, visit

Twitch Extension

Teespring’s Twitch panel extension enables you to level up on selling merch and engaging with fans with built-in OBS and chat alerts. The extension’s fully integrated shopping experience lets fans purchase your merch without ever having to leave your stream. To learn more and install the extension, visit

Selling to your online communities

Selling on YouTube

  • YouTube can be a large sales driver, so be sure to mention your merchandise on all applicable videos! Talk about it during your intro, and include the store/campaign link near the top of your description. Don’t forget to use merch cards and end screens to take advantage of Teespring’s status as a verified merchant on YouTube.

Selling On Facebook

  • Facebook is a great place to promote your merch, but you must make sure your content is engaging and enticing enough to your fan base in order to maximize your post reach. Learn how to best engage your audience here.

Selling on Twitter

  • Unlike Facebook, it’s ok to post more frequently on Twitter as the half-life of a Tweet is much shorter than other networks. Twitter was built for conversations, so be sure you are interacting regularly with fans, especially those who bought your merch! See more tips here.

Selling on Instagram

  • Instagram is a great platform to engage with your audience, and organically promote your merch. Users spend roughly a half hour a day on the platform alone, so it’s import to make sure you brand is actively utilizing some of its key features such as stories, Instagram Live, and photo albums.  Lean how to optimize your Instagram content here.

Selling on Snapchat

  • Snapchat is slowly (but surely) implementing new features you can use to sell products and engage with your followers, such as Snap Codes and the ability to add a swipe up website link to your snaps.

Buyer Messages

You can use our Buyer Messaging tool to contact previous buyers. and let them know about a new design, send a promo code, or ask for feedback or selfies. If you want to email your buyers directly or use your own email marketing program like Mailchimp, you can also download buyer emails.

What’s next?

Thank fans and ask for selfies

Thank fans by retweeting and sharing selfies of them wearing their new products, giving them shoutouts, and sending out any rewards you pledged during promotion.

Passive sales

As other fans see your retweets and shoutouts, they will see how awesome your merch is and want to buy it too. This is one of the reasons we recommend setting up a store so people can buy stuff even when you’re not actively promoting the merch. Include links to your store on all your social platforms. On YouTube, placing your store link in the first three lines of your YouTube description will increase sales exponentially, and you can even add a Teespring merch icon on your banner.

Add new merch products to your store

If you don’t have a new design but want to spiff up your store, consider adding some of our new products like mugs, phone cases, pillows, and towels (yes, towels—you’d be surprised how many people love our towels).

Important tip:

Important tip: If any fans need help tracking down their order or have an issue with size, etc… just direct them to and we’ll take care of them!

Monitor analytics

Dive into your business and discover buyer insights and trends that can drive your next moves on which products, colors and types of designs to use. More info on product analytics here:

When to launch your next design

Successful merchandise strategies come in all different shapes and sizes. Each community has a unique appetite for consuming new content and merch offers. Creators should think about their launch and promotional schedules similarly to how they think about releasing new content. The most successful merchandise is built around great content, current events and jokes your community holds dear.

Make sure to maximize the value of each new design and promotional effort. Launching 4 of your all-time best concepts/designs at a time might seem like a good idea but you could be hurting your efforts by crowding the spotlight and spreading buying power thin. Consider releasing them in succession.

Need some inspiration? Turn to your community! Create a request video, post a Twitter poll, or ask folks to slide in the DM’s to involve your fans in the design creation process. This will create additional interest and investment in art or ideas sourced from your community. Engaging your community in new and unique ways is the core reason why merch is so effective in the first place.

If you’re still unsure, check out the blog post below for more inspiration.


Let’s get you paid. Unlike many other platforms, you don’t have to wait until the end of the month to get paid. We’ll send you your earnings whenever and as frequently as you want it. You can use PayPal or Payoneer to request payouts and it takes up to 7 business days to process.

Getting to know your Teespring dashboard

For more info and common questions about your account dashboard and setting please visit or search our training center.