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How 4 students are creating their own ‘summer jobs’ with Teespring

When her students expressed disappointment at not being considered for summer jobs, teacher and seasoned Teespring seller Cristina sprung into action. Her students had spent the school year learning how to use Photoshop, creating resumes, and competing in a national LifeSmarts competition. Cristina saw an opportunity for her students to use these skills in e-commerce;

“It dawned on me to help them set-up a Teespring store and let them run with the idea all summer. They don’t need a boss to make money! And it doesn’t cost them a penny to get started. They love the idea of creating their own products and posting them for sale.”

We had the chance to catch up with four students and speak with them about their new online business. Cristina’s students are brimming with creativity and drive, and they’re a great example of how anyone can take an idea and turn it into a sellable product with Teespring.


Diggy has a goal of taking over his parents’ business one day. In the meantime, he plans to go to college and continue working on his graphic design and marketing skills. Enter: Teespring. To start designing, Diggy used inspiration from his own wardrobe to create products and optimized his listings with keywords to increase marketplace sales. Check out Diggy’s store, Dignatize Designs.



Allison has a host of Photoshop experience and used her personal interest in dogs and coffee to inspire her Teespring products. When working with Teespring, Allison stated,

“Creating products for Teespring was really easy! Photoshop is a program I am pretty well versed in. In Teespring it’s quite easy to place your graphic on a T-shirt and it’s easy to write your descriptions and chose colors. I like being able to choose different T-shirt styles when making a product. Not only that but I like the array of products I can make!”

She hopes that her comedic descriptions and universal designs will connect with her audience and earn her some sales this summer break. Visit That Barista Girl, Allison’s store!



Abby goes above and beyond when it comes to learning. She’s enrolled in a dual-credit program with a local community college‚ and by the time she graduates high school she’ll be at a Junior level in college! All that studying doesn’t leave a lot of time for working, and while she plans to study cosmetology, her passions lie in graphic design and fine art. Teespring enables Abby to use her passion to create awesome product designs. Her store includes trendy tee designs and pop culture references that she avidly promotes on social media. See Abby’s designs at Apopofcolors.


Austin’s goal for his Teespring store include funding his educational aspirations – medical school! As a student athlete, Austin’s gym-centric Teespring store, Power Gym Shirts, exemplifies his personality. In fact, that’s one of Austin’s favorite things about Teespring! His favorite feature is the storefront tab because “it promotes individuality in everyone’s own business.”

Feeling inspired?

We’d like to thank Cristina, Diggy, Allison, Abby, and Austin for sharing their stories. These students are a perfect example of what Teespring is all about—anyone, anywhere can create products to sell online.  We’re expecting great things from Diggy, Allison, Abby, and Austin—keep up the great work and best of luck with those summer sales! 😉



13 responses to “How 4 students are creating their own ‘summer jobs’ with Teespring

  1. Joseph says:

    Very good idea to early start…into business and teespring is one of.the best
    Way…and its free to start.

  2. Madison says:

    I want to make shirts of my own to

  3. Rav Chan says:

    It would have been great if some pointers were included in the article about how these 4 students generated traffic to their respective stores, with such a small catalogs ?
    I have my store with bigger catalogs but still not getting much traffic. pls do with my store

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Rav, in the article it’s mentioned that the students primarily used social media for marketing!

  4. Amraoui says:

    Can u profit 500$+ without ads in facebook please i need help how can i do that thank u am an artist but i dont know what i need creat for more sells

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Amraoui, it’s certainly possible!

      1. Romario says:


  5. Algigha says:

    Mengapa desain produk saya tidak dapat ditemukan di daftar produk saya, padahal saya sudah bqyar iklan di amazon dan e-bay

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Algigha, we are working on improving our search feature. Please be assured that your items are on the Boosted Network and Teespring’s site.

  6. Keyon Knighten says:

    How can you help me get started

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Keyon, check out our training center for additional help.

  7. elif says:

    how can i add my products to boosted network or amazon?

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey, usually users are assigned a trust score after their first few sales. Listings with sales history are prioritized for the Boosted Network too. So the best way to increase your chances of getting featured is to increase your sales and comply with our design policies. Learn more about the boosted network here.

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