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Winter product spotlight: what’s selling this holiday season?

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This month we’ve discussed the top selling design themes and most common selling prices for the holiday season – now it’s time to talk about your buyers’ favorite holiday products. Before we dive into our top sellers from last year, let’s take a quick look at what products are heating up as the temperatures drops!

US top sellers (October/November 2016)

  1. Gildan 8oz Heavy Blend Hoodie
  2. Hanes Tagless Tee
  3. Premium Tee
  4. Gildan Unisex Tank
  5. Teespring Mug
  6. Gildan 6.1oz Long Sleeve Tee
  7. Sticker – Landscape
  8. Women’s Premium Tee
  9. Gildan Women’s Relaxed Tee
  10. Bella+Canvas Women’s Flowy Tank

EU top sellers (October/November 2016)

  1. Standard Unisex T-shirt
  2. Standard College Hoodie
  3. Standard Unisex T-shirt (S-5XL)
  4. Standard Women’s T-shirt
  5. Teespring Mug
  6. Standard Women’s V-neck T-shirt
  7. Standard Unisex Sweatshirt
  8. Standard Full Sleeve T-shirt
  9. Standard Men’s V-Neck T-shirt
  10. Tote Bag

Notice anything interesting? Hoodies and Tees remain our most popular products, but check out the non-apparel items too! We’ve mentioned mugs are a favorite add-on item for buyers so be sure to include them in your campaigns whenever possible. We’ve also noticed some interesting trends for mug color preference based on fulfillment regions:

BONUS! Mugs (October/November 2016)

US – top mug colors sold – White, Black, Dark Navy, Dark Royal, Purple, Bright Red, Forest Green

EU – top mug colors sold – Black, Bright Red, White, Dark Navy, Royal Blue, Hot Pink, Purple


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Looking back at the 2015 Holiday Season

Let’s take a look at some of our most popular products from last year; as we see an increase in the amount of ugly sweater designs it makes sense that long sleeve and sweatshirt products will continue to inch their way up the top 10 list.

USA Fulfillment

US top sellers (November/December 2015)

  1. Hanes Tagless Tee
  2. Gildan 8oz Heavy Blend Hoodie
  3. Premium Tee
  4. Gildan 6.1oz Long Sleeve Tee
  5. Hanes Unisex Crewneck Sweatshirt
  6. Women’s Premium Tee
  7. Gildan’s Women’s Relaxed Ree
  8. American Apparel Crew
  9. Bella+Canvas Women’s V-neck
  10. Bella + Canvas Women’s Flowy Tank

US top sellers + color selections (November/December  2015)

  1. Hanes Tagless Tee – Black, Navy, Smoke Gray, Deep Royal, Purple
  2. Gildan 8oz Heavy Blend Hoodie – Black, Navy, Royal, Purple, Dark Heather
  3. Premium Tee – Black, New Navy, Heathered Charcoal, Deep Royal, Classic Red

European Fulfillment

EU top sellers (November/December  2015)

  1. Standard College Hoodie
  2. Standard Unisex T-Shirt
  3. Standard Unisex T-Shirt (S-5XL)
  4. Standard Unisex Sweatshirt
  5. Standard Women’s T-Shirt
  6. Premium Unisex T-Shirt
  7. Standard Women’s V-Neck T-Shirt
  8. Standard Full Sleeve T-Shirt
  9. Standard Men’s V-Neck T-Shirt
  10. Standard Women’s Tank Tops

EU top sellers + color selections (November/December  2015)

  1. Standard College Hoodie – Jet Black, Oxford Navy, Royal Blue, French Navy, Purple
  2. Standard Unisex T-shirt – Black, Navy, Charcoal, Royal, Forest Green
  3. Standard Unisex Sweatshirt – Jet Black, Oxford Navy, Fire Red, French Navy, Burgundy


2 responses to “Winter product spotlight: what’s selling this holiday season?

  1. Jaqil Ali says:

    Yall should try keychaoins and picture frames!!

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Thanks for the feedback! We’re looking into all sorts of new products for 2017 🙂

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