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Why you should connect your Facebook ads account to Teespring right now

Heads up! If you haven’t connected your Facebook ads account and Teespring account you are missing out on some significant benefits.


More profit per unit

You’ve heard about our new flat pricing and pricing discounts, right? Did you know you can get an additional $0.50 discount per unit sale if you connect your ads account? Imagine if you sell 100 units next month–that’s an extra $50 in your pocket simply for authorizing your account.

More sales on Teespring

The reason we ask Creators to connect their accounts with us so we can use insights to help you sell more in the long-run. Here’s just a few snippets of info we’ll be releasing to FB Authorizers:

  • CPA overviews: By having data around your FB Ad account, we are able to give you useful reports to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. One useful report we send to sellers are high level views of their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). In some cases, especially for those who manage teams, our CPA data has alerted sellers to mismanagement of their budgets!
  • Facebook Ad account health: Facebook and Teespring both share a focus on quality, which is why we’ve formed a mutually beneficial partnership. Because Facebook wants to help Teespring sellers succeed, they alert us when a seller’s ad does not meet their standards. Starting in April, we will let any seller with problematic ads know exactly which campaigns they come from so that they can revise as necessary. Read more about why quality ads matters here.



5 responses to “Why you should connect your Facebook ads account to Teespring right now

  1. Jennifer Smeltzer says:

    What is your profit margin on selling your products?

    1. Kate Shoaf Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Jennifer. You can check out our product prices here to see what your profit margin will be. We also include this information as you set up campaigns in the Teespring designer.

  2. Adrian Parkes says:

    Hi Kate,

    Does this mean you link a FB Ads Campaign, adset or ad to Teespring, or are we linking our FB ads developer account as a whole?
    Just curious,


  3. Donia says:

    Does Teespring do this for us or do we do it ourself, as in once we connect does Teespring start promoting for us ? and if thats the case is there a fee ?

    1. Kate Shoaf Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Donia, Teespring offers free and paid marketings services. You can learn more here: There is no fee associated with the Facebook ad subsidy described in this blog post, in fact, you earn more profit per item with the ad authentication! 🙂

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