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Why make merch?

Calling all creators! Merchandising isn’t just another revenue stream, it’s an opportunity to grow your brand, fund your next project and a chance to get creative!

Although here at Teespring we believe there are a million reasons to create merch, here are our top five


1. Brand Recognition

Your brand is how people see you and how you’re spotted. If your logo/style isn’t instantly recognisable, merchandise is a great way to solidify your brand.

It takes 5-7 impressions before someone will remember your branding and logo, so if you’re not sure on your brand, trying out designs on merch is a great start!

You can trying using your logo to create a ‘core collection’ of apparel. This will be merch that is ‘always available’ and house it in a store that is decked out with the same branding.

Save it for the Show podcast is instantly recognisable with their consistent branding.

Make sure to incorporate your channel branding, logo, color scheme and general personality into your merch and storefront! Consistency shows you mean business!

Having trouble with your branding? Check out Canva for helpful tools to create a logo. We also have a whole host of advice over on our Creator Design Support page


2. Create YOUR OWN awesome products

73% of influencers use sponsorships or sponsored content to generate revenue. Sponsored posts and brand deals are a fantastic way to earn money, but what could be more unique than creating your own products where you create the product and you make 100% of the profit?

Back in the day, pricing and logistics would make this impossible. From having to source and design quality products, bulk ordering stock that fills up your home, having to package and post every single product…not even mentioning the headache if someone receives the wrong size!

But now things are different,

Teespring 👏 Handles 👏 Everything! 👏

Plus, your merch doesn’t have to be….merch-y. Youtuber and Influencer Kelly Strack created her own line of wearable fashion pieces that she knew her audience would love.

Kelly Strack modelling her own ‘wearable’ clothing line


3. Utilize your platform

You already have an audience. They are waiting for you to release merch. Subscribing to a YouTube channel, downloading a podcast or following an instagram account means so much more than just consuming content, you become part of a community. What better way to unite that community than creating a product that your audience can spot each other at events, share inside jokes and strike up conversations with potential new friends! 

Creators who use inside jokes, parody and catchphrases do particularly well!

If you’re stuck for ideas, remember, you have your supporters at your disposal to give you those ideas! Read the top YouTube comments, most retweeted tweets or favourite photos to give you inspiration of what your audience resonate with.

Don’t forget your milestones! Creating apparel when you hit milestones immortalises the moment and allows your fans to celebrate with you! YouTuber Mr. Fruit’s created new designs for reaching 100k subscribers, 200k subscribers…all the way up to 800k subscribers and sold close to 15,000 products in the process.


4. Make money

This one may seem obvious, but it is still worth mentioning! On Teespring YOU set your profit, so YOU choose how much money you make.

Teespring works on a flat pricing model where there is a flat ‘base-cost’ per item. But don’t worry, you don’t pay this, it works that if the flat cost for a tee is $10 , if you set your retail price at $25, then we take $10. Which covers everything from printing, shipping, customer service etc and you take ALL the profit, without having to lift a finger.

Use our profit calculator to find that happy medium between affordability for your audience type, while also making money to support your creative career and allow you to continue what you do best…creating content.



5. Give something back

Your fans are your support system. Without them, you wouldn’t be where you are today, so let them know how much they mean to you. Create a line of merch that speaks to them.

Influencer? Ask your audience on social media sites like Twitter where you can use polls. Podcaster? Ask your audience to submit merch suggestions. Youtuber? Try engaging with your hardcore fans on the YouTube Community Tab.

With Teespring’s verified donation feature (available on US products) you can also choose to donate from 10% to 100% of your profits to a verified charity automatically when you make a sale. No need to lift a finger. Utilize your platform and give something back!

Influencer Lucy Watson utilized her audience, raising money for an Animal Sanctuary through t-shirt sales


Need more reasons? Check out our jam-packed Creator Guide for tips and tricks. Or check out the blog for insights into successful creators merch lines. 😉

10 responses to “Why make merch?

  1. Avatar Shammy says:

    Great idea. Thanks

  2. Avatar Tina McGill says:

    Do you have to have an incorporated business to sell merchandise with your service?

    1. Avatar Lex O'Hara says:

      Not at all! Anyone can sell merch 😉

  3. Avatar Valentine says:

    Can one from Africa sell merch with your services?.

    1. Kate Shoaf Kate Shoaf says:


  4. Avatar Valentine says:

    Please how do I go about it?

  5. Avatar JHarleyLadyInAZ says:

    Glad to hear it.

  6. Avatar Jillian Fickling says:

    I wanna make merch but I know only my family will buy it😞😢😭

  7. Avatar Diego says:

    How do I make original merch

    1. Avatar Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Diego, get started on!

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