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What do 40%+ of (new) successful Teespring sellers have in common?

Teespring Labs recently ran a test, surveying all new sellers who just launched their first successful campaign. Do you know what the majority of these Creators had in common? Over 40% promoted their products organically!

When we say “organic” promotion we mean free promotion—as in selling your products without using paid ads. Alison Scott, a successful seller based in the UK, agrees with this approach. 

…If you’re a newbie, here’s the thing: Do not spend a single penny on ads until you have already sold one shirt to a person who you aren’t related to. I keep seeing people saying ‘you have to spend money to make money’ and spending hundreds of dollars ‘testing’ very poor designs. If you can’t sell one shirt to a mad keen person using free methods, it’s unlikely to ever be a profitable shirt.– Alison Scott

Get more insight from Alison in her article: 7 Steps to successful selling on Teespring. In the post below we’ll discuss tips and tricks to help you promote your products for free on Facebook. Make sure to check out the Training Center for more information and examples on promoting with different social media platforms.


Promoting your products for free on Facebook

Paid ads useful for scaling your successful campaigns—if you’re just starting out however, you might not have the funds to invest in paid ads upfront. Try driving traffic to your Teespring campaigns organically through Facebook first.

  • Share your campaign URL: Share your products on your Facebook page or personal profile—make sure to include the campaign URL in your post. You can tag your friends and ask them to share the products as well. This is how Quinisha got her first sales—her campaign ended up selling over 700 units in a week!
  • Share your products every 2 – 3 days: Share updates about your products every few days; you can thank people for their support, ask them to share the campaign, etc. You should aim to create interest and excitement through these posts. Also, we recommend sharing individual campaigns (not stores); it’s more likely someone will share individual designs (organically) as opposed to a store link.
  • Update your profile and/or cover photo: Update the cover photo of of your Facebook profile or page; you can include images from Teespring Creatives, or create a cover image using free tools like Be sure to include images of the products available and the campaign URL. Click here to learn how to save product images with a transparent background. 
  • Pin the campaign to the top of your page: Make sure to “pin” the post to the top of your Facebook page whenever you share a new update—by pinning the post you’re able to highlight the campaign so it’s the first thing people see when they visit your Facebook page.
  • Ask for photos of buyers: When the campaign ends ask customers to share photos once their items arrive—this creates “social proof” which can lead to more sales in the future if you relaunch the campaign. Learn more about post-campaign promotion in the Training Center.

2 responses to “What do 40%+ of (new) successful Teespring sellers have in common?

  1. Auki says:

    I am not american, i do not have any facebook friend form america, how can i promote my design for for people i don’t know on facebook?

    1. Dagmar says:

      Hi Auki,
      But you do have friends on facebook, no? There are always friends of friends who know people. Also If you don’t live in the US you could do Shirts in YOUR language. I am in the process of setting up my store with German text shirts…
      Also, you can search for interests on Facebook and maybe that way GET some American friends… just be sure to talk about everyday stuff and interests you have in common first. “Normal” conversation all the way. with that person. then when you DO share a product on your page the will definitely see it and maybe share…
      Hope these really quick tips help…

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