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Viral rapper turns to Teespring for custom merchandise

Teespring is changing the way artists create and sell merchandise. With zero financial risk, unsigned, up-and-coming artists can enter the world of branded merch alongside some of the industry’s biggest names, from DJ Khaled to Beyonce.

East London rapper Devz is widely recognized for his freestyle rap video that went viral last winter. Within days of upload, Devz’s #WhoWhatWhere recording precipitated a wave of memes and accolades on Facebook and Twitter. Since then, he signed a record deal and produced a music video for the hit song. In conjunction with the release of the single, Devz launched new merchandise on Teespring for the catchy song.

In a conversation with our team, Devz noted that his favorite thing about Teespring was the “flexibility and freedom to expand and grow [his] brand,” all without any upfront costs or risk. He said that Teespring’s storefronts were a great way to “showcase [his] collection of products.”

Devz’s store on Teespring

In addition to ease and flexibility, Teespring boasts industry-leading profit margins as well as flexibility—creators determine the retail price and profit per item sold. And the best part? Teespring handles order fulfillment, shipping, and customer service for buyers, leaving Devz to do what he does best—make music!

As Devz put it, “My experience with Teespring has been very positive—I’m impressed. I was very satisfied with the prints, quality, and the look of my official storefront. I would highly recommend Teespring to anyone interested in selling merchandise.”

Merch sales in the artist world is bigger than ever, especially in hip-hop and urban music circles. Teespring provides these artists with a chance to grow their brand, fund their creativity, and offer cool swag to their fans.

Ready to create your own custom merchandise with Teespring?


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