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4 ways to maximize your Teespring sales this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect gift-giving holiday to ramp up your sales in 2018. Did you know Valentine’s Day is one of the top grossing events of the year after Christmas, back to school, and Mother’s Day?  Check out our top tips in the video and content below to help you maximize your Valentine’s Day sales this year.


1. Target shoppers who spend the most on Valentine’s Day gifts

Relationship status, gender, and age are important factors to take into consideration when using paid promotion.  So who’s more likely to spend the most on your products this Valentine’s Day?

  • Based on 2016 data, the biggest spenders are people who are in a relationship, but not married.
  • Older millennials spend the most at age 25 – 34 with an average of $234 spent on Vday. Next we’ve got 35 to 44-year-olds who spent an average of $187 and then 18 to 24-year-olds at $148. Last we’ve got the 55 and older group, who spent $95 on average.
  • Multiple reports and surveys suggest Men tend to spend more than women on Valentine’s Day gifts; men spent an average of $217 to celebrate the annual event, while women spent less than half.
  • Also, couples celebrating their first Valentine’s Day together tend to spend the most!

It’s been reported that 53% of women say they would actually break up with a partner over forgetting a gift on Valentine’s Day so it’s no wonder men spend more! 😉

Valentines Day Average Spending by Age Group | Fundivo


2. Let buyers inspire your designs

Don’t make the mistake of assuming Valentine’s Day is only for lovers—it seems online shoppers actually buy more gifts for their friends than their boyfriends! When people search “Valentine’s Day Gifts For …” on, 22% of people fill in “husband,” 20% of people type “friend” and 17% “boyfriend” (Entrepreneur).  Apart from buying gifts for partners, people also plan to spend around $54 on a colleague, $50 on family members, $36 for classmates, teachers, and friends, and $26 for pets. Speaking of pets…pet-themed designs have consistently been ranked among our top performing design categories, so why not create the perfect Valentine’s Day design for pet lovers?  

Most popular search results “Valentine’s Day gift for..” (image source)

Think about the person your buyers are shopping for as you brainstorm designs—ask yourself who will receive your products as gifts this Valentine’s Day? Some of your existing niches like career, family, pet, etc. could make the perfect, personalized present. Consider refreshing some of your past ads and assets and tweaking existing designs to incorporate a Valentine’s Day theme.


3. Don’t miss out on last-minute shoppers

Almost 46% of people will wait until early February to buy Valentine’s gifts. Thanks to Teespring’s rush shipping options you’ll have plenty of time to capitalize on these last-minute shoppers. Check out this post to learn how one Teespring seller named Cristina combined rush shipping + Teespring promotions to give her sales an extra boost before rush cutoff dates (resulting in 50 additional sales)!

Below are the cutoff dates for Valentine’s Day delivery.  Once we’ve passed the standard shipping cutoff dates, buyers can still receive their products in time for Valentine’s Day—they’ll just need to select rush shipping at checkout. Plan to manually end your campaigns on the standard shipping cutoff date to ensure shoppers get their order by February 13th (and you can immediately relaunch it). For rush shipping, the buyer just needs to place their order by the “order by date” listed below.

Don’t forget delivery timelines are usually faster than indicated above, but to be safe we’re suggesting the largest delivery window for calculating cutoff dates. Most importantly, make sure you’re offering rush eligible products in your campaigns!


4. Make your products easy to find

An optimized product listing can get you better search rankings in Google, the Boosted Network, and Teespring’s Marketplace. An SEO friendly campaign can also improve your chances of being selected for Teespring’s buyer marketing campaigns. If you’re creating specific Valentine’s Day themed products make sure to include relevant keywords in your campaign title and description.

Don’t forget shoppers use language like “Valentine’s Day Gifts For …” when searching online, so incorporate this kind of wording into your campaign descriptions. Think of ways to combine terms like “Valentine’s Day gift” with words that identify your niche. For example  “The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for husbands who love fishing” or “Funny Valentine’s Day gift for moms who like to drink wine and do yoga”, etc.

Ready to put these tips to the test?




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