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Using Gleam to boost sales and engagement

Looking for a simple solution to engage your audience and attract new buyers? Then get to know Gleam, the growth marketing tool that can help power up your Teespring campaigns!

How can Gleam help boost my campaigns?

Depending on your goals, you can use Gleam in a variety of ways:


Whether it’s a design contest, or you are looking to grow your social media channels, Gleam offers sellers the opportunity to create customized contests that will bring greater awareness to your campaigns.


Email Captures:

Install a pop-up box on your website to elicit new email sign-ups.



Create a ‘social hub’ to show off user generated content around your campaigns. Use galleries to host voting contests, or simply pull in photos using a specific hashtag.



Similar to competitions, have users complete certain tasks in order to unlock a promotion for a campaign. Have fans visit your store, answer a question, or follow you on social media in order to unlock a discount. Learn how to create a discount for your campaign right here!

Gleam offers multiple pricing tiers (including free!) to fit your needs. All you need to do is register and start a new competition!



Tips and tricks for running campaigns on Gleam


1. Partner Up

There’s lots of different ways that you can partner up with others to increase your reach. As an example, combine your giveaways where you include products from others. Be sure to cross promote your contest across each other’s social media channels. 

2. Utilize Featured Images

Did you know, competitions with featured images get more than 100% engagement than those without. So be sure to use an eye catching image for your campaign, like the Ownage Pranks page above. 

3. Promote, promote, promote

You can build a contest, but without any activity or promotion on your social media channels, it’s unlikely you will receive a great turn out! Be sure to share your contest across your social media channels so you fans know how to participate. 

4. The giveaway and your target audience

Don’t be unrealistic and make sure you relate your prize to the contest.

For example, offer fans signed merch items, discounts to use within your store, or even experiential items (featured on an upcoming live stream) as potential prizes.

Have you used Gleam to promote your campaigns or storefronts? Share in the comments below!


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