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Update: Content policy issue 1/12

Original statement made (1/12) 


‘Making a statement is one thing, driving action is another’

Below is an update on the actions we have taken in the past 8 days linked to the content policy issue that occurred on 1/12 and the statement made by our CEO. As we continue in the lead up to rebrand to Spring, we have made progressive improvements and changes to the platform. Our decision to delay our public launch was purposeful to accelerate key changes that will assist in creating a more positive environment for creators and their fans on Spring.

What actions have we taken?

  • Increased coverage of manual review teams to be 24/7.
  • Increased training of computer image detection with larger catalogue of images.
  • Redesigned ‘Report Listing’ user interface.
  • Rebuilt report listing response SLA.
  • Built ‘Report Store’ user interface.

We appreciate our community’s patience whilst we continue to make improvements over the next few weeks and months as we continue to invest in this area of our business.

Teespring Team.

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