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Ty Hul’s tips for optimizing Teespring campaigns on Amazon

Ty Huls has been a long-time Teespring seller and e-commerce industry leader. You may recognize his name from the guest speaker lineup at last year’s Teecon, or heard people referring to him as a selling guru within the Teespring Community. Below you’ll find some of Ty’s top tips for acquiring additional sales on your Teespring campaigns through Amazon optimization. Get additional insight and tips for selling Teespring products through Amazon in the Teespring Training Center. Remember you can now use the new bulk editor to fast-track optimization too!

Marketplace strategy

Teespring on Amazon is really a long-term marketplace strategy. It doesn’t necessarily include driving traffic to the listing. It is a passive strategy. Being passive, don’t expect massive sales numbers, but do expect stability over time. This is a way to generate sales without effort and also utilizing old designs you have created or purchased in the past.

Look at other people’s listings

Look at other listings in the niche to get some ideas for keywords and listing structure. Don’t copy, but use it to generate some ideas for your listings.

I have found some high ranking / high selling shirts that show no listing optimization at all.

Read that again. I conclude, Sales and Positive Reviews drive the Amazon Algorithm the most. That makes sense, why not show customers the best first so there is a positive experience on the site? Some of this is going to be keywords and SEO, but the majority is going to be sales and positive feedback over time.

Search listings:

  • There are really 2 types – some are for Amazon, some for Google.
  • Google = SEO Traffic
  • We know Amazon ranks really well in Google, so there is room to play with long-tail keywords and search volume.
  • I have found some very high ranking Amazon listings in Google that don’t have Amazon Reviews or sales. These may be new listings, or very low volume searched terms on Amazon.

Parts to an Amazon product listing that we can control on Teespring:

  • Product Title
  • Product Description
  • Custom bullet point 1
  • Custom bullet point 2
  • Custom bullet point 3
  • Custom keywords

Things we don’t control:

  • Product Images
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Ratings

Tips for finding keywords:

A lot of this is keyword research before writing Titles, Descriptions, Bullet Points, etc. You can:

  • Search around Amazon and look at their suggestions in the Search Box
  • Search Keyword Planner in Google
  • Use a 3rd party tool like


Tips for what we can control:

Product Title

Some of this we control, some of this we don’t control. Find some major keywords that make sense.
Major Keywords are words with search volume. Use the slogan (design message) featured on the shirt if it has some.

Product Description

  • Don’t use keywords
  • Make it easy to read

Bullet Points

  • Don’t use keywords
  • 3 fields are available
  • Make it easy to read
  • Make them sales points
  • Use keywords if necessary

Custom keywords

  • Do not separate using commas
  • Include major brands in the niche
  • Add some successful sellers in the niche

Tips for what we don’t control

Teespring can’t really open up their account to individual sellers, but they can do some things to improve their account. Here are some ideas. If your ideas are worth it, keep bugging Teespring until they are implemented. After all, these ideas could equal more money.

Product Images – Ask Teespring to upload lifestyle images or the ability to upload our own “Extra” images of the product to fill it up

Product Reviews – Ask Teespring to set up a feedback system to solicit reviews from actual buyers. If you ever buy from Amazon, you know about these feedback request emails. (Teespring note: we are currently looking into this) 

Product Rating – This should not be a problem with Teespring quality, but ask Teespring to hire a person to manage this for the whole Teespring Amazon account. The better the Teespring rates, the more we will sell. (Teespring note: we are closely monitoring ratings and reviews)


More resources

Here are a few useful links about Amazon listings given to me by Paul Buckley, who has been a great support. You can check how to optimize listings for search and browse here.

Create great product detail pages:

Miracle Wanzo provided me with some useful websites about Amazon selling; The Amazing Seller, Jungle Scot, The Quick Start Style Guide

Some have tools and podcasts as well to learn more about Amazon selling.

Score Your Listing:

Jungle Scout provides a free listing scorer or grader tool on their site. You will notice it is heavily weighted on reviews & ratings

Top tip = Change the ASIN in this URL  and it will rate the product listing

Check out the Jungle Scout Product Listing Grader for more information.

Amazon copyright infringement:

When poking around my Amazon / Teespring listings I have already found plenty of thieves. Both on Merch listings and also listing their own shirts. Time to take them down. Credit also belongs to Paul Buckley on this one.

  • Send an email to
  • Provide your Teespring URL and Launch Date
  • Provide the infringing URL on Amazon


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    1. Kate ShoafKate Shoaf says:

      Hey Johnny! The best course of action is to report these accounts to Amazon and Teespring as instructed in this post and our Amazon FAQ post. Thanks!

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