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Join the Teespring x Twitch Extension Launch Party!

Exciting news! Teespring is officially launching a powerful Twitch merch extension panel on June 18th. To celebrate the launch we have released the BETA and are throwing a stream launch party. During the event we’ll be giving Twitchcasters an additional $3 bonus on all eligible products sold through the extension on June 18th!


To claim your extra profit + join the festivities…

1. Register your account using this form

2. Install the extension (

3. Stream and sell on Tuesday, June 18th

Once you’ve completed these 3 steps, you’ll earn an extra $3 for every eligible product sold through the extension on June 18th. This bonus payout will be added to your account by June 30, 2019 and appear as ‘Twitch x Teespring Extension Launch’.


We want to see you in action!

For an extra boost, the Teespring team will be trawling the live streams of those of you who stream on launch day and will be purchasing your merch!

In the lead up to the launch, send us your images and clips of you and your fans using the extension (such as calling it out in your stream, or the live chat alerts) and get featured on our promotional video we will be showcasing at creator events around the globe.


Terms and conditions for the streaming party:

  • Only Teespring core products are eligible for bonus as listed on the discount pricing tiers table.
  • Only sales that are made through the Twitch extension are eligible.
  • Only sales that are made on 18th June 2019 between 16:00PM UTC (17 JUNE 2019) until 7:00AM UTC (19 JUNE 2019) and that are not cancelled prior to fulfillment are eligible for the bonus.
  • Bonus payment will be received by 30th June 2019.

2 responses to “Join the Teespring x Twitch Extension Launch Party!

  1. billy says:

    why u do this on day of x’s death

    1. patricia johnson says:

      Yes why why

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