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Turn heads by creating cutting edge, trippy designs

Brighten up your storefront this season by creating merch in line with trending ‘trippy’ vibes. Sublimated tie-dye patterns are getting high volumes of sales, so be sure to try it out.

This month we’re all for encouraging creators to create unconventional stand-out designs. Creators like Joshua&Star, Candy Ken, Montana & Ryan and J Clark the jumper are ahead of the game, while pushing boundaries with unique and bold merch collections. Jump on the trippy texture movement too and check out our Pinterest board for further inspo. Check out our collection of free all over print patterns below.


Create a co-ord listing

Discover ‘co-ords’–a longstanding, consistent trend that is still persisting this season. Short for the word ‘coordinates’, it means matching apparel products head to toe. This could be designing a set of matching loungewear such as joggers and sweatshirt or leggings and a t-shirt.

Combining pairs of products with co-ordinating designs by adding products to existing listings will encourage buyers to purchase several pieces in one go, increasing profits and the volume of merch added to shopping carts. 

Ready to go? Head to the Teespring Launcher. 





4 responses to “Turn heads by creating cutting edge, trippy designs

  1. Honeyboat Haven says:

    When will there be instagram shopping integration for all!?

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey there! Instagram Checkout is currently only available to a small selection of brands. As this feature is very limited at the moment, we are working with a very small group of creators selected on a case by case basis. Once this feature is rolled out to a larger audience, we hope to work with a bigger group.

  2. Paypa says:

    hello i would like to see a product available for design like:
    biker shorts for the female
    crop tops n crop top jackets
    some of my costumers would like these products to buy so please to see if u can make these available to sell.

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey – we do currently have crop tops but they are a speciality product. We do not have a hard deadline on when each of these products will be fully integrated + available to all users. As we expand production capacity and grow, more and more of these products will be released into the Teespring Launcher for everyone to use. We appreciate your patience!

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