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Promotional practices *really* working right now

Start glowing-up your social media platforms and get on top of your promo game ready for the holiday season. Keep reading to discover our round up of techniques and content creation hacks to use across your social media platforms.


Plan merch photoshoots

Posting content that shows yourself sporting or using your own merch is key. For all types of creators, showing off the quality of your products to your audience helps to increase sales as well as establish your personal brand. Set up your own DIY photoshoot and style your merch in a way that engages your community. You can order samples of your products at base cost within the “Listings” section of your account. Check out all the ways creators are featuring merch samples in video and photo content to increase their sales in our sample promotional guide. 

Creating video content is an effective way to capture the interest of your community of fans on social media. Use platforms such as TikTok, YouTube and Instagram IGTV, Reels, and Stories to upload dynamic videos featuring your merch samples–this can increase sales by 50%. Wear your merch while filming, mention your products within your content and even consider filming a dedicated editorial style video to announce the launch of your products. Always make sure to provide links and reference to your products by using #linkinbio on Instagram posts and including URL links in your captions and descriptions. Check out this super cool video by Miles Carter generating hype around his Made to feel merch.

There are a tons of tools online you can utilize to help you to create effective video content featuring your products. For example, experiment with Placeit’s video section of mock ups and insert your merch designs for Instagram stories, video posts and product demo’s. Don’t forget, Instagram and TikTok both have free built in video editing functions, and they’re super simple to use—add text, filters, cuts, music and more!


Collect and share social proof

Many successful creators incorporate social proof into their promotional efforts by collecting and sharing customer photos. Photos of happy buyers wearing your merch can generate excitement and interest, as well as affirm the value and quality of the products you’re selling. Buyer selfies act as positive reviews of your products and sharing them is an engaging way of generating trust in your brand. 

Whatever way you decide to promote your merch, encourage buyers to share photos wearing your products. Double up this kind of content for your own social channels and promote the popularity of your products, but also a way to get your community hyped to be featured. Sharing your fan’s content helps you interact on a more personal level with your community while building relationships with your followers, encouraging loyalty and building trust.


Brand consistency

It’s important to create brand consistency across all of your social platforms so followers can easily recognize you—we recommend using branding elements from your merch store. If you need help creating design assets check out these design resources to help you get started.

The last, yet perhaps one of the most important promotional practices is making sure you’re frequently sharing good quality imagery with your followers. Consider creating a account to plan your content across all social media platforms. Try to post at least 3-5 times a week with a variety of content. Come up with a strategy and experiment with posting at certain times of the day to see which posts get more engagement.


Kick off your promotional strategy by ordering samples of your merch at base cost price. Head to the dashboard to get started.




2 responses to “Promotional practices *really* working right now

  1. Michelle L Whitehurst says:

    I am new at this , and was wondering if this is where I need to set up my platform?? I also have absolutely no designing skills and I am not computer savvy at all, My first design is very passionate to me and I hold dear to my heart! It is a bit complex and I know I am going to need help without costing me an arm and leg ! I have been begging for help and I either get no reply or they want thousands of dollars! I know I have to pay but I can’t do near that ! I’m not asking for a hand out but as my identity has been stolen, I am in a bit of a rut but PLEASE don’t take that as I can’t pay ! All my cards are frozen but but I can still have my debit card . Also if I am supposed to set me platform up here will there be a guide to go by ? I am confident that once I get everything set up and this first graphic done , I will be able to do the rest ! Thank you so much 😊

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hi there Michelle, Teespring is free to use and you can set up your storefront completely free of charge. Any profit you earn is yours.
      Learn how by looking at our Quick start guide in the Training center.

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