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Top 2019 Father’s Day trends on Teespring

An average of $12 billion is spent both in the U.K. and U.S. on Father’s Day, with 75% of men participating in the holiday. With steady growth at about 30% each year, check out our top trends for Father’s Day and claim your share!

Father’s Day is celebrated around the world and throughout the year. You can create new listings now and collect profit from sales in the months to come. 

  • May 30th: Germany
  • June 2nd: Switzerland
  • June 5th: Denmark
  • June 9th: Austria, Belgium
  • June 16th: US, UK, Netherlands, Ireland, France, Canada
  • September 1st: Australia
  • November 10th: Norway, Sweden, Finland

Design trends

Trend forecasters Arnold & Bird put together a list of popular prints that are sure sells this Father’s Day. Among these are:

  • Nautical prints
  • Travel themes
  • Multiple textures

You can easily apply these themes to our 20+ specialty products (once you’ve unlocked them in the launcher). Note that darker colors and themes tend to sell better than lighter colors or bright prints year round for men. Get some design inspiration from the images below.


Popular products

Last year our top selling dad-themed products were hoodies, tees, mugs and socks, but we expect a few new items to take the top spot in 2019. We’ve got two new products that have already been a hit with dads—hats and die cut stickers. 

Once you’ve unlocked our new specialty products create all-over print products for dad like joggers, duffle bags, backpacks, sleeve prints, and die-cut stickers.  Watch out for embroidered hats (dad cap!), one of our fastest growing products this year! Die cut stickers are currently available for all sellers and can be created instantly in the Teespring Launcher. 

It’s called ‘Dad cap’ for a reason!  😎 


Delivery deadlines

Below are the cutoff dates for Father’s Day delivery (for June 14th delivery).  Once we’ve passed the standard shipping cutoff dates, buyers can still receive their products in time for Father’s Day if they select rush shipping at checkout. Plan to initiate your listing’s print cycle on the standard shipping cutoff date to ensure shoppers get their order by May 29th (and you can immediately relaunch it). For rush shipping, the buyer just needs to place their order by the “order by date” listed below (don’t forget to include rush eligible products to your listings).Keep in mind you can calculate the estimated shipping time for any country. Learn more here.

Please note our delivery timelines are normally faster than what is listed above, but it’s best to consider the maximum time to ensure delivery for the big day!




4 responses to “Top 2019 Father’s Day trends on Teespring

  1. Masud says:

    Great, working for fathers day design. Hope will explore.

  2. Cathy says:

    Hi can you do stickers, with my own photos of my dog also a husky and similar to this 1? Ty for the info

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Cathy, you can! Just select “die-cut stickers” in the Teespring Launcher.

  3. Ford says:

    I have great expectation . Hopefully my designs will be sold in this event

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