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Top 2017 Teespring trends all sellers should know

For many Teespring sellers, the key to success is understanding their audience and knowing what they’re passionate about. But if you’re new to selling, this can make things a bit more difficult…how can you know your audience if you haven’t sold anything yet?

Allow us to help you out! Let’s take a look at some of the top Teespring trends from this year. We’ll focus on buyer location, gender, and design themes. After reviewing these trends you should have a better idea of who you want your target audience to be.

Global Trends

It’s no secret that North America (particularly the U.S. and Canada) tends to be Teespring’s top buying market, but let’s take a minute to look at international markets as well. Sellers are constantly tapping into new, unsaturated niches in global markets and if you’re able to do the same you’ll enjoy less competition and lower ad costs.

You can see that North America and Europe are followed by Oceania. Keep in mind people from Australia and New Zealand also speak English and we’ve seen similar design themes sell in both the U.S. and Australia (like veterans/military niches). Just remember we recommend choosing “EU” fulfillment for global campaigns (i.e. buyers located outside of U.S. and Canada) to minimize shipping costs and help boost conversion rates.


European Trends

The U.K., Germany and France have always been Teespring’s top buying markets in Europe. It is notable that Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands are almost always neck and neck after the top three. You can learn more about translating designs and tapping into new markets in the Training Center. Don’t forget that we’re looking for more U.K. themed content to add to the Boosted Network as well!


U.S. Trends

What’s interesting about the top selling states is the fact that their sales are mostly in line with population sizes until we reach Ohio—afterwards we see the order of top buying states vary in interesting ways. For example, it appears people in Washington buy more Teespring products compared to people in Georgia, despite Georgia having the larger population. Use this map as a guide if you’re looking to pinpoint certain niches within specific states.

(Click to zoom)

Design Category Trends

Now let’s take a look at some of the most popular design categories on Teespring from 2017. If you’re new to selling and not sure where to start these categories can help you narrow the search for new niches to try! Also remember to optimize your campaigns so they’re easier to find within our marketplace. 



16 responses to “Top 2017 Teespring trends all sellers should know

  1. Akosua owusua says:


  2. Akosua owusua says:

    Awesome platform

  3. Emmanuel says:

    Good morning
    I just learned about teespring. I decide to give it a try, any idea about adverting, marketing etc

    Thank you

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Emmanuel – make sure to check out the Teespring Training Center and Blog for insight and tips 🙂

  4. Nkechi Obilo I Joshua says:

    Hi Teespring Team,
    I am Nkechi Obilo I Joshua, a new seller as GgSa-OyOyO-Ts Accessories. I had gone through the Trademark building You-Tube sessions with ease.
    Reading through for a headstart. I have been very much overwhelmed with the Teespring Vission and the Mission it sets to accomplish. God Bless the Founder and his team. All I have been gathering has been great and helpful. I very much agree with the business theme and the joy and happiness it brings with it. I will try my very best to be part of the team and do, request for more support to understand more fully. I have already launched some designs but I have not received a feed back to know whether it has been produced.
    How do I build my Shop Front or it will come on Teespring shop Front?
    Would the Teespring take the base cost money at the sale of my designed products?
    How would be paid?
    Do I have to submit a Bank account to Tee-Spring Office?
    What is the Office address of Teespring?
    Please, I need to Communicate with Some one to help me start on the right footing and foundation.
    I know I will do well with TS team. Please, I wish to target, Australian, UK, NewZealand and US audience through my designs.
    Could you please have a look at my initial design submissions to give me a feedback on your view and review of my work.
    I would like to officially know that Tee Spring has accepted me.
    Through an approval letter to that effect or by any other means that you do it, please.
    And what happens if you practically introduces people to the business?
    Please, I look forward to a comprehensive response to my questions.
    I am very grateful for your time and effort in reading my email.
    Thanks and Regards
    Nkechi Obilo I Joshua

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Nkechi! I think you will find the answer to most of your questions in the Teespring Training Center. Also, take a look at our forum if you don’t find the answer you need (try using search tool first).

  5. Emmanuel says:

    Thanks for answering.
    After I failed in 2 unpaid campaign, should I switch to paid campaign?
    thank you again


  6. Moznu Mia says:

    I just learned about teespring. I decide to give it a try, any idea about adverting, marketing etc

  7. Imtiaz Ahmed says:

    আমি যদি পেইড মারকেটিং শুরু করতে চাই তাহলে কি একটা ণিশ এই করবো? মানে – একটা ণিশে টস্প্রিং স্টোর করে সেখানে কেম্প করে তারপর ফেসবুকে স্টোর এর নামে পেইজ দিয়ে পেইড মারকেটিং করবো?

    1. Zafi says:

      জী করেন
      এভাবে ভালো হবে

  8. Faith says:

    I am based in Nigeria and I would really love to be on this platform. Do I get my products shown globally and how do I get paid? Thank you.

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hi Faith – anyone should be able to access your products. You can learn about seller payouts here:

  9. kakoly says:

    Can anyone help me to give a video, How can i start event create and sell?

  10. Damon says:


    Do you offer a design tool that shows whites as transparent. The images I upload only hide the white background on white tee shirts.

  11. latasha castor says:

    I have tried to contact teespring through email for about 2 weeks but no response. How can I get my products to sell global with teespring? And by checking the box for boosted network do may products sell on amazon, target and others store that you’ll are affiliated with?

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Latasha, your products are automatically available to be sold globally! When signing up for the Boosted Network, your products will be available on some of these affiliate sites (wherever our team thinks your products will sell!).

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