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Top tips to help you start selling pillows

When selling new products, many Creators like to stay within their comfort zone—i.e. by selling to niches they’ve already found success with. We know over 40% of Teespring customers become repeat shoppers, so this can be a useful approach. If you’re selling an old design (or a new design related to the same niche) you should contact past buyers via email or Teespring’s buyer message tool. Try offering them a special pillow promotion discount—promotions have been proven to boost conversions by up to 60%.

If you’re looking for new buyers, pillows can be the perfect product to appeal to a new market. It’s safe to assume pillows will be most popular with female buyers and can make great gifts for special occasions. If you’re looking to tap into new markets this product can give you a new way in!

Pillow design ideas & inspiration

Top trending colors

Keep in mind these are decorative pillows—so they’ll most likely be used to decorate people’s bedrooms and living rooms. Colors like Pale Pink, Denim Blue and Light Steel (available if you select Hanes Tagless Tee in the Teespring Designer) are good options if you’re targeting female buyers (softer colors / neutral tones are popular for interior decoration). Black, Chocolate Brown and Dark Brown (available if you select mugs in the Teespring Designer) are popular colors for bedroom decor as well.

Create the perfect gift for a special occasion

  • Birthdays and anniversaries – gift giving on these occasions is especially common. 
  • Family celebrations – house warming gifts and home goods are great gifts for any kind of family gatherings
  • Baby showers – an adorable pillow is an ideal present for a baby shower
  • Weddings – “couples pillows” is a good way to sell two or more pillows to one buyer.

More popular themes and niches

Check out these popular design messages and think about how you can customize them or create new ones for your niche.

“Home is where someone runs to greet you”
“Happiness is being loved by a pug”
“Reserved for my dog”

“The best mom ever”
“All I am I owe to my mother”
“Glam-ma: a woman whose children have children but she is too young and gorgeous to be called Grandma”

“We love our soldier”
“Trust me, I’m an engineer”

“My heart is where … is” (US states / EU countries)

Couples pillows (two pillows):
“Mr. Right” & “Mrs. Always Right”
“Sleeping Beauty” & “The Beast”

Looking for more ideas and inspiration?

The niche and design research process for pillows is the same one we recommend for all our products. It’s really important for you to research your niche / target audience before developing a design. Visit the Teespring Training Center to learn more about how to create designs that sell.



6 responses to “Top tips to help you start selling pillows

  1. Sara Snyder says:

    I am new making items on teespring and some people are making plushes and pillows and I would love to figure out how I can, please email me how, thanks.

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Sara – these products were available for a limited time, but we’re planning to release some new stuff soon! Expect an update within the next month 😉

  2. Meghan says:

    What size does the file need to be? I’m struggling to upload my designs, it keeps saying poor quality.

  3. Carol Yvonne Elena says:

    I kinda wanna know…… How can I make plushes

  4. rachel frampton says:

    I’m planning to start a pillow business by Septemeber; that’s why I’m currently looking for a Hawaiian quilt supplier since this will be the fabrics for the cushions. I’m glad you shared these tips; I’ll make sure to study the family and pet niche, so I would able to develop a design that will cater to them. Aside from my proposed fabric, I’ll also keep in mind to include Chcolotae Brown fabrics so my market will be wider.

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