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Facebook Pixel: unpixelated


Update: We have made some changes to how Facebook Pixels are used on Teespring to work better with our new Shopping Cart:

  • Pixel firing events now include “value” and “currency” fields. On InitiateCheckout and Purchase, we also include the “num_items” field that will tell you just how many items are sitting in your buyer’s cart
  • Events now include “content_type=product” and “content_ids=[‘url1′,’url2’]” fields which should allow for Dynamic Ads
  • When a buyer checks out with multiple campaigns in their shopping cart, a single “Purchase” event will be sent with “num_items”, “value”, and “currency”.
  • The event funnel is now: ViewContent > BuyItNow > AddToCart > InitiateCheckout > Purchase.
      *If you notice any unexpected behavior with these changes, please let us know by emailing [email protected]*

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Facebook has stopped supporting the old “Conversion Pixel”, so if you are still using this pixel, please upgrade to the new “Facebook Pixel.”

Need some more information? Check out these helpful resources straight from Facebook:

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