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How to create product designs with Placeit

Want to create products to sell but don’t have a design? Not to fear! Teespring has teamed up with Placeit to help sellers create quality product designs, lifestyle mockups, and even promotional assets too!  Also, you’ll get 20% off your monthly subscription for life with Teespring (use the button below to sign up). 😉

Why do Teespring sellers like Placeit?

  • No graphic design skills required
  • You get unlimited designs, mockups, videos, promotional assets, and more for under $15 per month


Create product designs

Create custom product designs in minutes using Placeit’s pre-made, customizable templates. Save and download your design to apply to multiple Teespring products. Make sure to select a transparent background too so it’ll look great on any product you add it to.


Create lifestyle mockups

After you’ve created your product you’ll need images to share! You can use Placeit to create custom lifestyle mockups featuring real people and a variety of product positioning. These images are perfect for sharing on social media. You can even create custom video mockups too.

Create promotional assets

Choose from thousands of stunning, professionally designed ad templates and assets to promote your products across all social media platforms. They are ridiculously easy to modify and the generator lets you take one design and with a single click, download images formatted for every platform.





14 responses to “How to create product designs with Placeit

  1. Patricia Spencer says:

    After creating my product, is it essential to get with a store such as eBay to get my product for sell? Such as the set up like printify?

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey Patricia, no this is not essential! There are many other ways to get your products to sell including free promotional methods e.g. social media!

  2. Julie A Young says:

    Can I use my own artwork, or do I have to use what is available on your site?

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hi Julie you can definitely use your own artwork on Teespring products. Placeit allows you to create designs if you don’t have the tools already

      1. Gwen Crockford says:

        yes but how? how do i get a blank tee to put text and my on photo/ is there a blank template?

        1. Lucy Ford says:

          Hey there, if you are referring to PlaceIt you can find free blank mockup templates to upload your design to here. If you are looking to create and sell a product on Teespring you can do that here.

  3. Bryant Davis says:

    How do I get my mockups from placeit on to my teespring account?

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey, take a look at this tutorial video and you will find out all there is to know about placeit and how you can use it on Teespring.

  4. ps says:

    I’ve created dozens of garment only mockups on my placeit account already. Can I upload it to my tee spring account without having to use your templates? i don’t see a feature for that. Or can I only upload logos to my tee spring account? Seems counter productive considering I’ve already paid for the year but now I can’t actually do anything with the clothing mockups I’ve made. Please Help!

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Hey there, that’s great you’ve been using Placeit. You can only use our templates right now, but we’re working on it. The best way to use your Placeit mockups is for creating super effective promos for social media, as your fans can visualize your designs being worn!

  5. Mo says:

    Hi there,
    What if another user is already selling a design from placeit on teespring, but I want to sell it on teespring as well? Since it’s free from placeit neither of us own it technically, so would it be ok for me to sell?

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