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Teespring’s world class support turns buyers into repeat shoppers


Creators trust Teespring with a most valuable collateral – their ideas. Making sure that every single shopper has an incredible experience is top priority – our dedication to Customer Support is what makes the Teespring ecosystem so powerful.

As the Holidays approach, buyers turn back to Teespring to discover the perfect gift for a loved one (or for themselves!). Read on to learn just how the Teespring Team is going above and beyond to make this Holiday Season a memorable one for both buyers and sellers.

Mom Strong T-Shirt

Your designs give buyers a chance to show off what they are most proud of!

Happy buyers are repeat buyers

Over 40% of current Teespring shoppers are repeat buyers, a percentage that blows all other industry competitors out of the water! How’d we do it?

  • All buyer inquiries are answered within 24 hours – our team averages less than 6 hours during business days.
  • Over 75% of Teespring buyers in the last 12 months are very likely to recommend Teespring products to a friend or colleague.

Give the people what they want!

This month buyers searched the most for designs related to:

  1. Halloween
  2. nurse
  3. firefighter
  4. viking
  5. mechanic

Top 3 things buyers love most about their orders:

  1. Graphic Quality
  2. Fabric Quality
  3. Product Fit


Your unique designs empower buyers to tell the world who they are and what they love.

Kudos to Teespring Support!

Fun fact: Teespring has a global support team that consists of over 50 agents that cover every time zone and speak 7 different languages! This team works around the clock to ensure your buyers receive the assistance and attention they deserve. We understand the importance of a positive shopping experience and are dedicated to doing everything in our power to ensure a delightful interaction with your products and brand. Here are a few real buyer testimonials that we love to reference!

“I cannot say enough good things about your customer service. You have gone above and beyond to resolve my issue, and it was resolved in a day. You are truly Amazing. Thank you again and again” – Deborah A. from California, USA

“I just have to say that on top of having the best product and the best printing, and great (!!) communication, Teespring also has AWESOME Customer Support/Service! Thanks for making the whole transaction a real pleasure! I have several of your shirts and I am delighted…” – Julia T. from Vancouver, Canada

“10+ I have purchased from teespring in the past and had to make changes to my orders a couple of times. The staff was very prompt and helped me right away. Customer service is very important to me when I choose to make a purchase. The quality of the product is almost second to that. I would pass on the same product that was cheaper elsewhere to purchase from teespring for that reason. Great job guys and thanks.” – Jeffrey V. from Warminister, PA


You create designs that resonate with buyers and let them show off their passions and hobbies!

What did your buyers have to say?

We surveyed Teespring buyers to learn more about what they like, love and what we can do to improve their next shopping experience. Here are some recent comments shared by customers who made purchases via within the last month!

You were my first online purchase. No hidden fees, no customs problems, I was notified when printing began and sent out. Trustworthy with great product. Awesome experience. – Canada

Fun designs, great quality t-shirts and very reasonable prices. – USA

All products I have purchased have been high quality and delivered in a reasonable time frame. I also love the creative designs! – Australia

Great products at a fair price. Prompt accurate service and shipment. They do exactly what they say they will do. – USA

Good quality products at good prices – UK

The custom merchandise is wonderful!! There is always something that I find I can’t live without. – USA

Prompt service and quality products – UK

Simplicity from viewing the product to receiving it all was easy and very smooth – Germany


Cheers Teespring Creators, to a partnership that weaves fantastic design with world class support. Together, we are stronger. Together, we can make something amazing.



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