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Top selling design themes to try on Teespring

Need some design inspiration? Let’s take a look at some of our top selling categories and design themes from the past few months. While these themes may seem generic, keep in mind they’re top sellers because they’ve got one of two characteristics (or both!):

  1. The design message resonates with a group of people—meaning it incites an emotional reaction from the buyer.
  2. The design is customized for a very specific niche—to the point where the buyer feels like the design was created just for them. (Or perhaps you are a content creator who already has a following? You may already have a unique logo or name/phrase you want to incorporate into your design. Check out the Creator Guide for design tips!

Top design themes

What are Teespring’s most popular evergreen niches?

  • Jobs – military, veteran, police, nurse, engineer, welder
  • Family – dad, grandpa, daughter, mom, grandma, aunt, uncle, brother, sister
  • Politics – feminism
  • Hobbies – camping, fishing, hunting, biking
  • Pets – dog, kittens, cats, horse
  • Other – holidays, vikings, country pride


Customizing designs with layers

Design themes like jobs, families and pets are always popular on Teespring. The trick is taking these themes and adapting them for specific audiences. For example, you can customize a welder design by adding on different “layers” to the design message.

Layer 1 (career): All men are created equal, but only a few become welders!

Layer 2 (career & family): Some people call me a welder, the most important people call me daddy.

Layer 3 (career, family, hobbies): This welder lives by 4 rules; don’t touch my tools, my guns, my beer & my wife!

When it comes to new and trending themes like politics and feminism, the possibilities for customizing your design messages are endless!

Adapting designs for global markets

Another way to customize designs is by adapting them for new markets. For example, you’ve got a super successful “Softball Mom” design niche you’re selling in the U.S. Why not reuse this design for another market like the U.K.? Softball might not be as popular in England, but what about trying “Rugby Mum” for example?

You can take customization one step further by translating your designs for new markets too—one of the perks of our Loyalty Program is free translations. We are looking to expand Boosted Network EU into new language markets and will begin adding German and Italian designs soon. 

Creating a design as a content creator

If you are a content creator who already has a following, you may already have a unique logo or name/phrase you want to incorporate into your design. Check out the creator guide for  design tips!

Ready to put these tips to the test?



12 responses to “Top selling design themes to try on Teespring

  1. Sonya says:

    If I have an idea for a slogan that could be used with various sports, how do I protect it from being exploited by others. Do I need to patent it?

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hi Sonya – you can explore copyrighting your design for protection.

  2. Carol J Farrell says:

    Is there a possibility of re-ordering a shirt that I ordered early 2016? I ordered 2 shirts and a Hoodie with the following saying and symbol of Hawaii. The saying above and below the symbol “HAWAII IS CALLING and I MUST GO”! If available, I would like to place an order. Thank You!

    1. Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Carol! You can reach out to [email protected] for buyer support 🙂 thanks!

  3. LaNita Young says:

    I am a designer and I have tried to use several colors and sizes on my shirts but I always get the error message that it is too many colors and/or too many pixels! Yet I see many tees on here that are very colorful and that are very full of pictures and words! I wondered how they do that!

    1. Laura Tate says:

      Create your design using another software then upload our design to TeeSpring

      1. vishal says:

        Can you tell me which software i use for more colorful design? Please..

        1. Erica Bickel says:

          Hey Vishal, a lot of our sellers use design programs like Photoshop or Illustrator.

  4. Arvin Dorado says:

    I have my products on teespring yet no sale what do you suggest for marketing strategy? I already tried Fb ads. I know that the products that I design is also said on amazon wallmart and etch. Is there a way for me to see it?



  5. Dan Bande says:

    Sin duda excelente empresa. Recomiendo dar talleres en vivo para diseñor y marketing. Los pagos son solo por paypal

  6. Tracy Holford says:

    Can you change your storefront logo once your store has been established or are you stuck with the logo you choose?

    1. Luiza Jordan says:

      Of course! Go to your dashboard > storefronts > edit store > header > upload logo 🙂

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