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Teespring’s top 7 tips for increasing your holiday sales

During the holidays, it’s not uncommon for Teespring users to sell more products in November and December than the entire year combined! That’s why it’s important to ensure you’re using ALL Teespring Tools available to  drive as many sales as possible before we reach December 25th. 

@MoriahElizabeth wearing her all-over print sweatshirt created on Teespring


1) Offer new products

First, make sure you’re offering Teespring’s popular winter products, which include long sleeve tees, hoodies, beanies, and sweatshirts. Blanket sales also increase this time of year as do stocking stuffers like  mugs, totes, stickers and phone cases.

We’ve recently released all-over print sweatshirts, a brand new product that’s quickly becoming a top seller during the 2019 holiday season. Check out our ultimate holiday sweater guide for free designs elements and top design trends. Don’t forget you can add new products to existing listings too—check out the video below to learn how. 


2) “Holidize” your storefronts

Did you know that products featured within storefronts get 58% more views and sell 20% more on average? If you want to maximize your sales this holiday season you better make sure your storefront is active and optimized. 

Once you activate your storefront you can customize it by adding a personal logo and banner. For the festive season, consider incorporating holiday themed imaging into your store logo and banner to encourage gift purchases over the holidays. Check out our blog post on how to optimize your storefront for the holidays, which guides you through all the steps.


3) Create promo codes 

Running a sale can boost your conversion rates by up to 60%. Create promo codes instantly in your Teespring account and turn their active status to ‘off’ until it’s time to run your sale. This way you can prepare your promotional assets ahead of time and prevent people from using the discount until you’re ready. 

You can create three different types of promotions with Teespring; 

  • Free shipping (US delivery only)
  • A discount amount (like $3)
  • A discount percent (like 10% off)

Check out the video below for more info how to run a successful sale. Keep in mind shipping rates can change as we near December 25th so we recommend using the amount or percent discount types instead of free shipping during the holidays.


4) Promote on social media

Instagram is the perfect platform for promoting your products because it’s all about visuals—you can easily share engaging images and videos showing off your products. Plus you can use this platform to create hype around your products and sales while making items easily accessible for purchase. Check out the 7 tools to increase your sales on Instagram this holiday season for all the best tips and tricks!

Announcing limited edition merch on social media is also very effective for driving sales within a short period of time. You can do this using different methods across multiple social platforms:

  • Build up hype: Share teaser images of the design or if you’ve ordered a sample of your product, you may want to share photos and videos wearing it. You can also hint at a your new merch by simply posting “something big is dropping soon” or sharing the launch date. This keeps an air of mystery while building excitement about your new products.
  • Drop at prime time: The best time to drop your limited edition merch is when your audience is engaged. If you are a YouTuber or Twitch streamer consider dropping during mid-stream, or through a custom video-promo, at peak time on Twitter etc. 
  • Make the product limited edition: You can make merch available for a limited time by setting an end date and remind your audience as the end date nears with regular posts. Keep in mind you can update listing’s visibility settings if you need to create your merch in advance.


5) Message past buyers

You’ve got the opportunity to turn customers into repeat shoppers! Within your Teespring Dashboard you can use the buyer message tool to contact past buyers. This tool is very effective when you want to let customers know about new products you’ve launched or if you want to reward them with a promo code.

As we near December 25th  buyers will be thinking about Christmas gifts. Using this tool is a great way to remind people there’s still time to buy products and receive them in time for Christmas. Try out some of the following tactics to increase sales.

  • Share promo codes
  • Announce a new products
  • Ask for customer selfies

Learn about different email marketing strategies you can use to drive sales using this tool. 


6) Optimize your listings

The Boosted Network has driven over 500,000 sales for Teespring users. The Boosted Network generates sales through Teespring’s integrations with marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, as well as Teespring’s marketplace, buyer marketing emails and paid marketing campaigns too.

To get additional sales through these channels, you should ensure you’re opted in to the Boosted Network and optimize your listings for marketplace search.  Keep in mind your title and description are the most important elements for optimization. Selling on the Boosted Network doesn’t require any upfront costs, and if you get a sale you’ll earn a guaranteed profit amount based on the product type sold.


7) Keep cutoff dates in mind

When selling in the holiday season, it is important to consider delivery cutoff dates. Below are the 2019 holiday cutoff dates. For buyers to take advantage of standard shipping they just need to place their order by the standard cutoff dates. If they want to receive their product in time for December 25th after the standard cut-off date they will need to select the rush shipping or super rush shipping at checkout when placing their order. 

We’ll let shoppers know when they need to select rush shipping for you. Just keep in mind you can keep selling all the way through December 20th!

Ready to start selling for the holidays? 




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  1. ahmed daanial says:

    Hey its very awesome and helping info which i got understand. I am searching for help. I just created a design of Texas state and upload it but then its show that this is no longer available due to content. i Think that has not any contents that are illegal. so kindly tell me why that happen. can you activate that or if any thing wrong can you tell me please i will make that right,

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey Ahmed! As long as there is no copyrighted content within your design, this shouldn’t happen. Please email [email protected] if you are having issues with your design 🙂

  2. Andrew Lee Norwoodjr says:

    My name is Andrew I heard some sarifka things about Teespring I would like to get started with the company and create my own store thank you again Teespring

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