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Teespring’s 2018 year in review

It’s been an amazing year for growth at Teespring! Since January we’ve added an unlimited product selection, expanded our Boosted Network marketplaces, introduced 2-day shipping options, integrated with Google, signed an exclusive Merchshelf partnership with YouTube, and much more.

We’ve been able to accomplish all this thanks to the feedback and support of our amazing global community! So here’s to you—thanks for helping us make 2018 one of the most exciting years yet at Teespring. Let’s take a look back on all the exciting things that have happened this year.

Teespring x YouTube Merchshelf

This past June Youtube announced Merchshelf—an exclusive partnership with Teespring that enables Youtubers to sell merchandise to their fans through their Youtube channels. Thanks to this integration, over 250,000 YouTubers now have the ability to monetize their channels by selling custom products that are displayed beneath their YouTube videos. This integration creates a seamless browsing experience for their fans, with early adopters of this service seeing a 25% increase in units sold and 4x the average click through rate as compared to linking merch in description boxes. One of our most popular Merchshelf users, Lucas the Spider, generated over $1 million in revenue by year’s end. In November, we expanded the Merchself tool to global Youtubers—specifically to the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and Portugal. In 2019, we plan to expand this offering to even more countries.


Teespring Go

TeespringGo gives sellers the ability to sell anything with Teespring.  All users need to do is fill out a request form to get this process started—we’ve already had requests for everything from cooking utensils to ouija boards! Some of the most popular TeespringGo products we’ve sold this year include plushies, DVDs, and chibi stands. In addition to this feature, we’ve added over 15 new products to the Teespring Launcher and began offering new POD product options like hats, backpacks, and die-cut stickers. We’ve also eliminated product limits and minimum sales goals, to make selling with Teespring easier than ever.

Going Global

In 2018, Teespring has truly ‘gone global’ thanks to the new Teespring Launcher and global listings. The Teespring launcher is now faster than ever, with a 19 second launch time average. In the United States and the U.K., this is even quicker at just 8 seconds. In shipping news, we added an E.U. production facility to streamline our processes, eliminating the need for separate E.U. and U.S. product listings and allowing creators to easily adjust pricing straight from the design launcher. More of our products went global as well, delineated by a globe icon on your Teespring dashboard. Our research shows that international shoppers are 2x more likely to purchase global listings versus non-global.

Boosted Network Expansion

Lastly, the Boosted Network reached Asia in March, fueling growth and empowering sellers in this marketplace. Since opting in to the Boosted Network, many of our sellers have seen a huge increase in sales – some as high as 50%! One seller, Mr. Dong, credits the Boosted Network with jump starting his sales and making up his ad spend, driving 800 units in just one listing. This year, we’ve also expanded to Facebook, increasing the total reach of your products and therefore gaining more impressions. With updated shipping options and the addition of Amazon Prime, it’s never been easier to reach an audience on Teespring.

Enhanced Shipping Options

Teespring’s state-of-the-art production facility enables our team to provide powerful shipping options on and within the Boosted Network. This includes unlocking Amazon Prime Shipping and Ebay’s guaranteed delivery. This holiday season we also launched affordable 2-day shipping which has generated an additional increase in sales during the 2018 holiday selling season.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping provides a game-changing opportunity for sellers to expand their reach to millions of people. The Teespring x Google Integration makes it easy for sellers to take advantage of Google’s Smart Shopping campaigns and access lower CPAs for maximum profit value. We handle the logistics of syncing your product feed and creating your GMC + AdWords accounts. All you have to do is create shopping campaigns and sell! Click here to submit your Teespring account for consideration.  

Cheers to our community for helping us make 2018 one of the most exciting years at Teespring yet! We can’t wait to see what will happen in 2019. Happy new year!

8 responses to “Teespring’s 2018 year in review

  1. Dave says:

    Where r the tee Shirts manufactured?

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hi Dave, our t-shirts are manufactured in our production facility in Hebron, Kentucky!

  2. John Trinity says:

    I really like your page love some of the t-shirts I will probably order a few soon as possible there’s a couple that my sister-in-law would like also I read your blog and I really like it and I hope you guys keep up the good work

    1. Alan says:

      Thanks and good

  3. Olusegun Adepegba says:

    Do you have list if products that you market and if possible accompany the list with prices. thanks.
    is there opportunity to be representative?If yes what are the terms of relationship?

    1. Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Olusegun, you can check out our product catalog here. Currently, we have no ambassador or affiliate programs.

  4. Asha Kumar says:

    Hey are there still goal setting for t-shirts through campaigns ? or has the goal setting stopped?

    1. Lucy Ford says:

      Hey Asha, you don’t have to set a goal for your products anymore. They will remain evergreen on your account unless you decide to set an end date. You can find out more about listings HERE

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