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Teespring storefronts: what’s new?


Teespring Storefronts allow creators to showcase their collection of products to shoppers looking to discover their next favorite design. They are also a great place to point to from a standalone campaign, giving potential buyers the chance to add more of your designs to their closet! We’re working on updating Teespring Storefronts to help our creators build powerful and long term brands – we wanted to share the latest with you!


So what’s new?

Below are “before” and “after” pictures to make these new updates clear! We’ve updated Teespring Storefronts to achieve a few things – the updated layout design is aimed at making storefronts more appealing to your buyers, while giving Creators more opportunity to feature their brands. Now you can add a fullscreen background and custom logo for a sleek branded look. Also, there are new fonts available for store names and visitor’s eyes are drawn to the product designs more so than the price / product name.


Please note – if you already have an active store you may need to adjust your title, logo or banner to work better with the new layout –  in this case all you’ll need to do is select the store within your seller dashboard and update it.

  • Banner: Creators should design a banner that represents what your brand or designs are all about – or choose a simple banner to emphasize your logo. Banner height should be at least 460 pixels; a size of 980 x 460 pixels is a good example. Keep in mind when people view your store on mobile the center of the banner will be shown – the height is set to at least 460 pixels but the width will adjust based on the viewer’s device.
  • Logo: Logos are especially useful for Teespring Creators with their own brand. Upload your logo and feature it front and center in the new storefront layout. If you don’t have a logo don’t worry – you can leave this image blank or upload a different image to promote a sale for example.
  • Title: Adding a title to your store is optional – you can use this title to label your storefront to your buyers in the event the name is not embedded in the banner

Remember, one of the main benefits of using Teespring Storefronts is being able to curate the products you want your buyers to see – by creating stores you can influence the “recommended products” shared with visitors on your campaign pages and after checkout – we’ll share more insight on cross-selling with storefronts later this week.

Update Your Storefront!

Storefront FAQs

My title is dark and doesn’t show up well on my background. How do I change it?
Go to your dashboard, select Storefronts and click Edit on your desired storefront. On the edit page, hover over your header and you should see a button to edit the header design. Click that and you can change the color and/or font of your storefront title.
My storefront header is very zoomed in. What’s the problem?
The storefront header is designed to look great on all screen sizes and so as a result it needs a landscape style image. If the header appears zoomed in, it is likely because the dimensions of the background image is tall relative to its width. In the edit header design window, you can change out your image to one that’s landscape (i.e. wider).

How do I see how my store looks like from the edit page?
From the edit storefront page, you can press “Preview” at the top of the screen to see what your store looks like to your buyers. Note that any changes you make may not be reflected until 5 minutes later.
Why do my edits not show up immediately?
We made our storefronts pages performant to ensure that it loads fast for most buyers that view it. As a result, edits to the storefront do not show up instantly but take at most 5 minutes to show.
Where do I edit my storefront design or settings?
Go to your dashboard and select Storefronts on the left hand side. Then click Edit on your desired storefront. Easy access links to Edit Campaigns, Edit Design, or Settings are in the header of the edit page. You can also hover over the header or the campaigns to see ability to edit in the upper right corner of the blue hover box.

These updates are just the beginning! Keep an eye out for more storefront news coming your way soon – making it easier than ever to create your own brand on Teespring.

  Update Your Storefront!



15 responses to “Teespring storefronts: what’s new?

  1. Avatar Robyn says:

    Would love to be able to move items around on my store front page. For Example, put all the put infants with infant, toddler with toddler, child with child etc.

    1. Avatar Shaine says:

      Hello I agree with you the best way that I have come up with how to do it is to star it to bring it to the front, so for now you could try to do something like that.

  2. Avatar Drew says:

    I agree with Robyn. Are there any plans to allow store managers to rearrange products in the order they want?

    1. Kate Shoaf Kate Shoaf says:

      Hey Drew – it’s definitely something we’re looking into! There are a lot of projects in the works so hopefully we’ll be able to revisit storefronts soon.

  3. Avatar Rep Ohio says:

    Two huge changes could be made to the store fronts: 1) Allow sellers to rearrange their items on their storefront page, and 2) Allow for Categories so users can search by mens or womens or by sports team or by tshirts, etc.

    1. Avatar Skaditch says:

      Yes Please! The mobility of products is important to me.

    2. Avatar Neil says:

      Being able to arrange product where we want on the storefront should be a no brainer. Please make this a priority.

    3. Avatar Gigi says:

      It’s October 2018. I second this.

  4. Avatar Soumen says:

    can i use the images of products of teespring in social media to promote?

    1. Avatar Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Soumen, absolutely!

  5. Avatar stephan says:

    can you edit your storefront title?

    1. Avatar Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Stephan, yes you can. After clicking “storefronts” on your Teespring dashboard, select the “edit store” pencil icon in the top right corner of your storefront icon. From here, click “header” and change your store title. Best of luck!

  6. Avatar Sabrina says:

    It would be good to be able to search by store name .

    1. Avatar Erica Bickel says:

      Hey Sabrina, definitely! We are currently working on improving our search feature.

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